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April 20, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-20 | Thrill seekers should travel Route 56

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — Are you a person who enjoys a good thrill ride? You know, you like the loops and corkscrews of a good roller coaster. Maybe you like the feeling of terror that can come from sudden drops. Or maybe, just maybe, your thrill comes from speeding down a track with others close behind.

If any of these describe you, don’t be concerned because our local amusement parks aren’t opened yet.

Fear not – I have the solution. Strap yourself in tightly in your own vehicle and join me Mondays through Fridays on Route 56 west from Johnstown into Indiana County.

No, there are no roller coasters, just multitudes of coal trucks whose drivers seem to have no constraints and, seemingly, no speed limits to obey.

The drivers of these multi-ton monsters drive too fast, follow too closely and seem to enjoy that wonderful sound that results from them spraying the gravel from the middle of the road onto your vehicle.

Only the most daring will choose to drive that sharp turn at the bottom of the hill just west of United High School. Wow, shazaam, Sheriff Andy. This separates the men from the boys. This is where the gravity-defying stunts occur.

Now, if time does not support you taking this ride, an abbreviated adventure awaits you at the corner of D Street and Fairfield Avenue as these truck drivers prove that they fear no traffic signal.

The only answer lies in our government’s mandate for coal haulers to be paid by the hour, not the load. Think about it!

Bob Truscello


Elderly not respected

Kids don’t have any respect for the elderly. I take a walk when it is nice. I use a walker.

I have the walk sign and drivers turn and say, “Get the (bad word) and hurry up.”

I can’t wait until they get older and see what happens to them. No respect at all.

Elsie Hildebrand


Violence is not way to power, rule

While the Boston Marathon bombing is a current example of tragic infliction of pain and suffering on innocent people outraging our country, what’s different from the human suffering by American drones or that resulting from premeditated acts of war against Iraq when Dick Cheney knowingly and deliberately, through lying, “duped” Congress into voting for waging war on Iraq?

Cheney is a free, unchallenged man. What does that say for the U.S.?

Until those in leadership roles in the United States denounce violence as the means for rule and power, vengeance will beget vengeance. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.

Jesus is dead because his teachings have conveniently been distorted, lost meaning and/or fallen on ignorant or deaf ears. We can stop nurturing the violence in and caused by our country if leaders and the masses rise above acts of terrifying violence by honestly and openly recognizing adversities and using attributes to quell them.

While nurturing attributes of others will comfort those who are suffering and recovering from the deaths and trauma in Boston, may those whose job it is to pursue those responsible do so in a way allowing full exposure of the evil perceived, then brought to life, in the circle of violence and destruction.

Throughout the daily reminders of adversities, with suffering and the war on terror by terrorizing, be mindful of the Rev. A.J. Muste’s summation, “There is no way to peace, peace is the way.” A modern and unifying spiritual direction.

Etta Albright



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