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December 3, 2013

Readers' Forum 12/3 | Life matters in all aspects

JOHNSTOWN — Life matters, at least to those of us who voted against the Democratic party which  embraced the culture of death. But obviously it did not matter to the millions who voted for this administration.

Just as Esau traded his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew (Genesis 25:29-34), millions of Democrats endangered their souls or even traded them for a fat wallet, food stamps or the opportunity to live a free, irresponsible lifestyle. It gives some women the opportunity to have many children for free, often to multiple fathers. The more children they have, the more dole they get.

It matters not to this godless administration, if these women who are committing adultery or fornication, go on to lose their souls, just as long as they get their votes.

Those who do not think that voting for a candidate who is pro-abortion or same-sex marriage is a sin, be aware that there are nine ways of sharing the guilt of another’s sin. Being an accomplice is one of them.

A person who votes for a candidate who is pro-abortion or for same-sex marriage is just as guilty as the driver of the get-away car for a bank robber.

Life matters also in the spiritual realm.

Did our founding fathers not hold that we citizens be not forced to act against our religious beliefs? Even our conscientious objectors are exempt from combat if they feel strongly that they do not want to kill another human being. Life matters.

Richard A. Ruth


Utmost respect for our servicemen

On Nov. 29, I read Alan Pettitt’s letter, “Veteran dismayed by lack of respect.” Let me say first that I do thank you for your service. I served from 1954 to 1958 with the 11th Airborne Division stationed in Germany. I loved Germany, mainly because stateside service in an airborne outfit was spit and polish and never ending inspections.

In Germany, it was combat readiness, because although it was peace time, we were only a stone’s throw from the eastern block. I never saw combat and have nothing but the utmost respect to those who fought for their country.

I have a hat and jacket with the 11th Airborne insignia on it given to me by a very good friend. I wear the hat all the time and it is kind of beat up, but I will continue to wear it till it falls apart.

During the years, many people have thanked me for my service, which I really don’t feel I deserve as my life was never on the line in combat.

I heard of the abuse Vietnam vets took after the war and if I ever saw a veteran being spit on I would have been in jail, as I would have beat the (tar) out of the creep.

I have a daughter who is a nurse practitioner at Walter Reed Hospital who is in close contact with wounded veterans and her heart just breaks for them. She is also a navel reserve officer currently on active duty at Guantanamo Bay. Her sisters and I are so very proud of her. God bless them all and keep them safe.

Chuck Cordoro  


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