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June 18, 2013

Readers' Forum 6-18 | Ringing 'endorsements' for public housing

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — Just as I began reading the June 2 Tribune-Democrat story, “HUD official prods housing board to focus on mission,” I happened to glance at WJAC-TV. As if on cue was a story regarding another drug bust at Oakhurst Homes.

Police seized 23 bricks of heroin valued at more than $17,000. Imagine that.

The TV report went on to say the suspect was from Pittsburgh and was out of jail on parole for charges in Maryland.

Really? That’s totally impossible, if you believe the quotes by a Johnstown Housing Authority official in The Tribune-Democrat story.

Executive director Dan Kanuch said that the authority’s family communities (ie. Oakhurst and Coopersdale) provide safe shelter ... and the crime rate is consistently lower than other neighborhoods.

On June 7, just as I was submitting my letter, another positive endorsement appeared in another Tribune-Democrat story: “Philadelphia man faces drug, weapon charges” in the Coopersdale Homes.

Another ringing endorsement for the quote (in the June 2 story) by Johnstown Housing Authority solicitor Tim Leventry, “Having people in housing is a positive thing for the community. They provide a benefit not only to the people who live in the communities, but to this town and the local economy.”

Good people in our housing facilities and Johnstown city neighborhoods should not tolerate this behavior.

Since the director and solicitor are so positive about the housing communities, maybe they should consider moving close to one.

Steve Thompson


Local economy buoyed by Thunder

Here are a few questions and thoughts I’ve been thinking about:

-- Isn’t Thunder in the Valley the best event for our local economy?

-- Shouldn’t more people support the library? It is a great community asset and has something for almost everyone.

-- Why would President Obama want to get involved in the bloody civil war in Syria? Haven’t too many Americans died already because of our involvement with countries that hate our guts?

-- When a local weather forecasting service actually gives a correct forecast, aren’t you reminded of the old saying, “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while?”

-- If a fundamentalist Christian entered an office building and murdered Islamic co-workers while shouting “God is great” do you think Obama would call it workplace violence? If you do, I have oceanfront property in Arizona for you. Why is he so afraid of condemning Islamic terrorists?

-- Has a progressive ever met a tax he didn’t like?

-- If MSNBC went off the air, would anybody notice?

-- Will this be the year that the Pirates finally finish over .500?

Gregory M Gyauch


Writer upset by how word is used

As a third generation 81-year-old Republican woman, I am writing this letter concerning something I either read or hear every day. Why is the word Democrat always called Democratic and not just plain Democrat when taking about a person in an issue?

We are just plain Republican, not the “Grand Old Party” or “Lincoln’s Party” so true. Don’t forget it. They are only calling it that so uninformed voters will think it is the tolerant and caring party. This isn’t true, we are the party that got civil rights to happen.

Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican, a wise and good man. Of course I have voted for a Democrat when he was the better person for the office. When I wrote this and went over it, the TV was on and I heard this word said at least four times. Will someone please change this term?

I had two strokes and don’t want another one. My husband of 60 plus years knows how much this upsets me every time I see or hear it. It has been going on for a long time and it is time to stop it, please. I beg of you to take a stand for me.

Sara Naugle


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