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April 27, 2014

Readers' Forum 4-27 | Evidence abounds proving global warming

JOHNSTOWN — Cal Thomas and other right-wing, climate-change deniers believe that if they keep calling global warming a hoax, people will believe them.

But what he calls a cult is, in fact, years of accumulated evidence backed up by measurable changes in our world.

He hauls out the testimony of a few discredited scientists who have not published any climate-based research in years and ignores the current work of thousands of hardworking climate scientists.

More importantly, Thomas and the other climate-change deniers are turning a blind eye to changes in our world that we can see around us. Despite their claims, the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice is at historic lows.

Companies like Exxon and BP and countries like Canada and Russia are arguing over how to exploit the newly ice-free regions of the Arctic.

While we had a hard winter, California and Alaska had record high temperatures during the same time, and much of the west is in the midst of a severe drought.

Lake Mead and Lake Powell on the Colorado River are at historic lows. And around here, farmers and gardeners have seen their planting zone changed from the cooler Zone 5 to the warmer Zone 6 to reflect our own climate change.

Richard Bloom


Writer’s claims of lies themselves false

Dr. Bill Choby’s Reader’s Forum letter of Wednesday, “Telling legacies of Clinton, Obama,” states President Obama is a liar.

Choby lied when he stated that President Clinton “shook his finger at America and declared that fellatio was not sexual relations.”

Clinton never said that.

Another lie that Choby stated in Readers’ Forum was April 10, 2013, when he wrote that President Obama “could cut the cost of gasoline in half by simply approving the Keystone XL pipeline.

I don’t think there is one sane person in Pennsylvania who believes that one.

Frederick W. Ponczek


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