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May 9, 2014

Readers' Forum 5/9 Sewer-line questions need to be answered

JOHNSTOWN — Questions about the sewer-line pressure testing that need answers from City Council and manager:

n Per the Department of Environmental Protection mandate, the first thing to be done was the smoke and dye test. Was this done? If this was done, then wouldn’t the illegal stormwater infiltration have been found and removed?

n If the smoke and dye testing was done, then are there documented records for every property?

n Per ordinance 5103, the city requires a 5-pound pressure test for 15 minutes. Why are all the city-hired contractors that are installing all the sewer lines for the system going by a different test procedure? Per EADS, the specifications they are using is test table ASTMF1417. 

n Did anybody on council do any reading, research or investigation on their own or did they just sit and listen to the recommendation of an engineer who is making a lot of money from all this work?

n Why not separate the waste and stormwater in the streets and see how much stormwater infiltration makes it to the plant and then – and only then – go to the pressure testing if needed?

n Why not set up an independent board to investigate all the facts and figures, not a paid firm?

In closing, I don’t think this issue is going away as more and more residents get their letters and start to look into the costs of this sewer work for their properties.

Remember, we vote and we don’t forget when it costs us money.

Ron Bischof Jr.


Vote with reason and understand issues

Please don’t forget the many devious pronouncements made by our president – in the hundreds by many counts – by executive orders, i.e., by my pen and a phone.

Don’t forget, too, his collective slapdown of all Americans, internationally, with his recent casual comment to French President Francois Hollande, over an open mike, that, “What I like about being president is I can do whatever I want.”

Pardon me, Mr. President, but you are not our king and the people of the United States are not subject of some 50 duchies that you and your imperial family seem determined to rule over.

Americans rid ourselves of an imperial king of England and Americans can, again, rid ourselves of the imperialists of today’s progressive Democrats taking us into perdition.

Wake up. Vote and get the younger generations to register and vote. Vote wisely in November and vote out your representatives who represent the progressives

and RINOs of Washington who go along to get along, in the name of being moderate.

A moderate with executive powers is destroying America. Wake up America, and use your God-given intelligence and common sense to see what progressives are doing to you – you who are unemployed or underemployed or college grads who can’t get a job and saddled with college loans.

Finally, forget that because my family has always been Democrat, I, too, should vote Democrat. Please vote with reason and understanding of the issues in 2014 and 2016, and vote to retain our freedoms and the sovereignty of our United States.

Edward C. Denk

Lakewood, Ohio, formerly of Johnstown

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