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January 25, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-25 | Why don't other religions have abuse?

JOHNSTOWN — Child abuse is by far the most appalling news ever. But I’m a little confused with the reporting of child abuse by Roman Catholics.

As a Catholic, I get upset hearing about it, and I would like to know why the other religions – such as United Methodist, Lutheran and Presbyterians – are not also exposed as blatantly as we Catholics are.

It’s very sad this is going on. My heart goes out to the abused, but expose all the religions, not just Catholics.

I’m very naive as to what goes on in the world. Thank goodness for my grandchildren, they make me more aware. My grandson said to me, they teach us not to judge, not to commit sin, but they in turn are doing all the wrong things.

I told him our priest said to me years ago, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

We must pray for all.

Virginia Stumpo


Raising revenue will save Medicare

I am a recipient of Medicare and Part D of Medicare. At the beginning of this year, all Part D premiums rose an average of 16 percent, as did mine. This, I am told by the private insurance industry, is due to the Affordable Care Act, and this rate of increase will be a year-to-year rise from now on.

If this is so, then the answer to reducing the cost of Part D for seniors is to remove it from the hands of private insurance companies and place it in the hands of the government-operated Medicare system. This would bring down the administrative costs by about 20 percent.

Since the administrative cost of Medicare is about 3 percent, this would bring my premium costs down below last year’s price.

Also, Congress must immediately pass a law to buy pharmaceuticals for Part D at bulk rates, as the government does for the veterans hospitals. This proves that the bulk-rate purchases can be done.

Our representatives cannot repeal the Affordable Care Act. Our representatives saying that there is no political will to do this is not an excuse. Create the will, that is what they were elected to do.

Also, do not even mention socialism. Medicare is not socialism, it is care for those who need medical services.

The answer for saving Medicare is to raise more revenue for the program, as was done in 1986 by a Republican president and a Democratic House.

By not doing this, it will show that our representatives represent the pharmaceutical and insurance industries before the needs of the elderly.

Louis Mollica


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