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January 29, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-29 | It’s essential to retake our culture

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— The presidential election ensured additional deficit spending, economic decline, slaughter of the unborn, Christian persecution, weakening of our military, erosion of our constitutional rights and increasing immorality. This was done with the consent of some who call themselves Christian and patriotic.

Obama supporters voted against the church, the unborn, the family, the Constitution and our country’s well-being. Many were clueless, others were greedy.

Laura Hollis of the law department of Notre Dame wrote: “We abdicated control of the culture – starting back in the 1960s. And now our largest primary social institutions – education, the media, Hollywood (entertainment) – have become really nothing more than an assembly line for cranking out reliable little leftists. Furthermore, we have allowed the government to undermine the institutions that instill good character – marriage, the family, communities, schools, our churches.”

Although retaking the culture to save our nation will not be easy, trying is essential.

I liken our struggle to that of the French underground during World War II. Surrounded by countrymen who collaborate with the occupiers, we nevertheless must fight for what is right.

We need to support traditional marriage and the unborn, reclaim our schools, hold politicians accountable and ensure that church leaders are upholding biblical truths.

We must agitate for economic responsibility. Economic collapse is the alternative.

Realizing that most of the mainstream media are liberally biased, we must research facts on our own.

Rather than be silent, we must speak and act against the insanity within in our country.

Above all, we must pray.

Gale Bala


Protected by what he wants to stymie

Who is the safest family in America? The Obamas. Why? Because they have armed security everywhere they go.

If you saw the first family walking in the inaugural parade, you had to notice the men beside them wearing long, bulking overcoats. The overcoats are not to hide a six-shot revolver, they are to hide multiple semi-automatic handguns and “assault rifles” with high-capacity magazines.

The president’s motorcade has multiple vehicles for his armed security.

The first family’s large security detail is a group of taxpayer-funded agents who carry firearms of all types – from small, concealed semi-automatic handguns to large, fully automatic machine guns.

Then there are the hidden snipers with “assault rifles” who have magazines that will hold more than 10 rounds.

When Michelle Obama pretends to be like us regular folks by going to Target dressed in disguise, she is not alone. She has her armed security guards who are carrying semi-automatic guns with high-capacity magazines.

The Obamas send their daughters to a private school that has 11 armed security guards with semi-automatic weapons. If their daughters go to the movies, there will be armed guards with them.

The taxpayer-funded security, guns and ammunition that Americans provide the first family are necessary. Most taxpayers are demanding that our governments protect our constitutional right to have access to the same guns that we pay for the Obamas to have.

Somebody has to protect our families, and we’ll provide our own guns.

Kevin Sheehan


‘Assault weapons’ used as scapegoats

With the deluge of media coverage surrounding Sandy Hook and the barrage of political and personal opinions on gun control, writing in support of our constitutional right to bear arms seems more important.

While the events are tragic, they are being used as springboards to accelerate long-dead policies advocated by gun-control supporters.

President Obama using children in political photo-ops was especially troubling because it caused people to become emotionally involved and disregard facts and our rights as citizens. Even more troubling is that some elected officials repeatedly incorrectly state the purpose of the Second Amendment.

Our Founding Fathers intended this amendment to guarantee the right to own firearms to protect against or prevent a hostile force (whether government, foreign invaders, paramilitary groups, etc.) from violating the citizenry’s given rights. We need to go no further than the history books and current events to research the millions of people harmed when political and military entities swept to power with no purpose other than to enslave the population to a totalitarian agenda.

Our Founding Fathers saw those same events in their lifetimes and believed the Second Amendment to be a way to keep government loyal to the people. Knee-jerk reactions of banning so-called “assault weapons” only limit the populace’s ability for defense. Any repeating firearm can be an assault weapon to injure or kill a large number of people. Assault weapons are an easy scapegoat to get the ball rolling for future “sensible” gun legislation.

Christopher Farabaugh


The power of words

The words of God and his followers are said to unite us, while the words of President Obama and his followers are said to divide us.

Michael J. Smajda

Harrisburg, formerly of Morrellville

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