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February 5, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-5 | Commissioner working to attract businesses

— I want to acknowledge the efforts of our President Commissioner Doug Lengenfelder.

I attended a meeting on Jan. 28 during which he presented some challenging statistics: Cambria County has lost population at a rate averaging three people per day for the past 70 years. That is a loss of roughly 70,000 people. We, the voters, need to consider how bringing jobs increases the tax base and provides all who choose to live here with services we need.

Lengenfelder went on to discuss some of the things he has personally done to combat that loss; however, he did mention that it comes with a price.

Recently, he and an economic development professor from St. Francis University spent two days in Washington, D.C., discussing different economic proposals with the Department of Commerce, U.S. representatives and foreign embassy personnel that potentially would bring jobs to the county.

Lengenfelder personally fronted the bill of more than $500 for travel, lodging and meals because of the previous criticism related to pursuing open foreign trade near the John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport.

Already, this trip has provided opportunities for a local business to possibly partner with Bulgaria. Other partnerships also appear possible.

Lengenfelder, using his network of connections, is bringing business opportunities, which benefits the residents of Cambria County. If successful, this may capitalize on wine purchasing requirements within the state while partnering with Cambria County businesses.

Thank you, Mr. Lengenfelder, for doing more than your part in helping Cambria County recover jobs.

Jim Orr


Solving term limits, gun control, etc.

Most everyone is fed up with the lack of term limits for Congress (but it’s unconstitutional) and the people who have to start an amendment to make it constitutional are the people we want to limit. This is why nothing has been done all these years.

The solution is simple: If the amendment does not apply to present congresspersons, they will have no reason not to approve it. It will take time, but soon it would pass and states would ratify it.

Other items:

* I’m no lawyer, but I wonder how bad a murder has to be in Cambria County before it fits under the criteria for a death penalty.

* Take a priest who is not permitted to have sex and put him next to young, impressionable boys – who could have seen what might happen?

* Continual debt increases will bring us down. People can’t spend their way out of debt, neither can governments (we’ve tried it, to no avail). Don’t blame Congress if this time the Republicans find a backbone and stand by what is right.

* Perhaps if the Second Amendment were being written today it would read something like this: “To maintain the sanctity of the home, the homeowner should have access to the same weapons as the person(s) who threaten him/her.”

Just a thought: Gun control, illegal immigration, global warming misinformation, debt increase – when we were greater than now, we weren’t as easy to fool.

Ed Price


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