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February 12, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-12 | Stop in and explore YMCA

Submitted by Readers

— Have you noticed that the parking lot at the YMCA is always full? If you know what I’m talking about, then you’ve probably taken advantage of the many opportunities the Y has to offer.

If you don’t know what I mean, maybe you ought to stop in. The YMCA is a true gem in the midst of our Johnstown community. It has healthy activities ranging from weights and machines to exercise classes and water workouts.

People from all walks of life and all ages can be seen there at any time of day.

Deb Smith and the rest of the staff are as knowledgeable as they are helpful. You can officially join the Y; participate in a special program that allows you full use of the facilities for a set period of time; check with your health care provider, which may sponsor your membership; or the Y staff will even come to your place of business for on-site workouts.

With the snow flying and the temperatures in the single digits, now is the time to try it out.

While lots of people already know about this treasure we have in our midst, there are many Johnstowners who typically drive by without realizing how easy it can be to become a healthier person.

Take a moment to check it out the next time you’re downtown … and don’t worry about the parking, just join the crowd.

Marsha Critchfield


Women really have come a long way

I am writing in response to a letter by Bernie Bohla (“Women shouldn’t strive to be like men,” Jan. 30). This letter, which began with a quote from a cigarette commercial and ends with a biblical quote, was filled with provincial generalizations and faulty logic.

The platform was that women have gone too far in trying to become like men. A synopsis is, “For a woman to have that ambitious, aggressive and self-serving purpose to get ahead in life isn’t what God’s purpose is for women.”

I have heard whispers that a few women drive cars, vote, support families by themselves, serve in government, work in the medical profession, serve on the Supreme Court, have their own television shows and networks and dispense communion in churches.

I am grateful that these women have not known the role that Bohla subscribes for them.

Let us assume that Bohla becomes aware of a person who has “worked their way up” in any field and has made great contributions to our society and world. Bohla participates in a celebration of these advances and commends the person for their initiative and drive. Then he finds out that this person is a woman. How would his perception change?

Some people believe that as long as they quote the Bible, anything that they connect to the quote should be accepted.

Since my wife refuses to fetch my slippers and newspaper, I have to sign off now.

Bob Truscello


Check shelters first when getting a pet

Singer Sarah McLachlin begins to croon. Images of poor, helpless creatures come across the screen, and people everywhere rush to change the channel.

These living, breathing creatures have been mistreated, neglected and discarded – and even animal lovers turn a blind eye. They just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge it.

Not being able to process the cruelty is understandable. I don’t expect this letter to change any of it. I only wish to be an additional voice in support of these animals.

I implore anyone reading this to do the right thing. Take the time to ensure that you are capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of animal adoption before bringing a pet home. Once you’ve done so, please don’t take it back. Exhaust all options be-fore returning it to an already-full shelter.

For those looking for a pet, I beg you to skip the shops and visit a shelter first. Adopt your next pet. There are so many amazing animals just waiting to become part of a loving family.

If you are partial to a certain breed, I assure you, eventually you will find the perfect match at a shelter.

 Laura Cook


Electric vehicles best for commuting

I saw a report on television about plug-in electric cars. It noted that there are not many charging stations in this area.

The report completely missed the best reason to have a plug-in vehicle.

They are best for commuting to and from work. They can be charged at home overnight and driven to work and back the next day.

If you live 15-20 miles from work and own a plug-in vehicle, you will not have to buy gas for your commute. I know, I own one.

I drove mine to Nashville, Tenn., and got well over 35 mpg running on gas.

Sherman Weible


Friar’s death was cowardice

In response to Richard Ruth’s “Media had role in friar’s death” (Feb. 7): I don’t believe the media drove the friar to his death. I believe it was because he was a coward.

The acts this man committed are beyond forgiveness, in my book. Surely, heaven won’t be filed with repented pedophiles and rapists. Everybody repents when they are caught, don’t they?

Alan Myers


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