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February 17, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-17 | Camera better way to shoot God’s creatures

— The “Hunter’s harvest” article on Feb. 9 in The Tribune-Democrat was disturbing and upsetting to those who appreciate such magnificent wildlife.

My wife and I have traveled the world on land, as well as under water, to enjoy and photograph God’s wondrous creatures. We have yet to experience the thrill of seeing the Alaskan brown bear.

When we do, we will shoot it with our camera, not a .375 Magnum rifle. With a local guide and a .375 Magnum, the bear doesn’t stand a chance. Whether the bear weighs 100 pounds or 900 pounds, God’s beautiful wild and free animals have no chance against high-powered weaponry. Such high-powered weaponry could be put to better use by helping our troops in Afghanistan.

What is the point in saying, “I have bagged 26 bull elk”? All of our beautiful creatures belong in their natural environment, regardless of whether they are endangered.

They should not be reduced to rugs on the floor or dust catchers on a wall.

David Petersen


Violence will decrease when we return to God

The vice president of the Johnstown chapter of NOW, Deb Meritt (Feb. 13, “Rising together to end violence”), said we have to stop violence against women and girls in America and around the world.

Gladys Clifton (Feb. 13) said, “How would MLK respond to gun violence problem?”

We could stop violence in America if every women would carry a gun. The Colt revolver makes everyone equal, but President Obama wants guns controlled.

Feminists say they have a right to abort their babies, that it’s their bodies.

We have killed 55 million babies in and out of the womb. Isn’t that violence?

China was aborting baby girls and it found out that was a big mistake. Now there are not enough females for the marriage-age males. Some in China today have to buy a wife.

The Chinese are selling their babies to America; Russia was, but stopped because its population had fallen to pre-World War II levels.

We’ve always had violence in the world. There are always going to be violent people. But not like today, where our daily news is a crime report.

When we again turn to God, we will see a peaceful country with less violence.

Stephen Sakmar


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