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February 21, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-21 | Many variables factor into hunting

— In response to “Camera better way to shoot God’s creatures” on Feb. 17 by David Petersen:

As a hunter, I understand that there are people who disapprove of hunting. To some, it seems cruel to shoot Bambi and other adorable creatures of God.

Usually, these people are not vegetarian, but choose to buy their meats in styrofoam containers wrapped in plastic. In doing so, they avoid the guilt they would feel if they  killed for their supper.

Is the harvesting of cows, pigs, fish and chickens by a slaughterhouse or a fishery any less cruel than that of a hunter willing to hunt for and gather his own lean, fresh and naturally hormone-free meat?

The Department of Fish and Game uses a ratio of the number of wildlife per square mile and exactly how much food, water and shelter is needed to support that number. This is habitat management.

This formula determines how many licenses it will issue for each variant of big game each season. This is how the department manages game. When there is an overpopulation of game, hunting and nature find a way to eliminate excess populations by disease, weather or natural predators.

Hunting is a difficult sport. Yes, hunters use high-powered rifles and telescopic scopes. Any hunter knows there are more times than not when he or she has hunted all month and not even seen game.

Hunting is not as simple as shooting fish in a barrel.

Steve Knaze II


Blame perversion on corrupted culture

In response to Anke Turco on Feb. 8, “Homosexual inclinations reason for abuse”:

According to WebMD, pedophilia is described as: “Sustained sexual orientation toward girls or boys generally aged 13 or younger and included in the 1968 American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.” DSM 5 proposes it as “pedophilic disorder” grouped with paraphilias, “recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors that involve children, nonhuman subjects or nonconsenting adults.”

Some experts think pedophilia is incurable. Those at high risk of sexual offenses need to and should seek treatment and medications to reduce their sex drives. Pedophilic disorder is more common among men than women.

Priests are unmarried men in positions of authority; self-righteous confessors who impart absolution, yet some paradoxically perversely exploit obedient, trusting young acolytes and children.

Churches reportedly sponsor 80 percent of Boy Scout charters. I’ve researched numerous reports, well-documented cases of childhood sexual abuse settlements bankrupting certain dioceses and certain Boy Scout organizations.

Jared Divido, on Feb. 14, correctly noted that pedophilia, not homosexuality, is the cause and effect.

Shame on protectors of repeat offenders once pedophilia was defined as a mental disorder in 1968.

All levels of the Catholic Church and other leadership share decades of guilt by protecting the reputation and credibility of their organization while unlawfully shielding the disordered hedonistic offenders and pedophile clergy at the expense of vulnerable children and naive trusting flocks.

Thus it is decades of an enabled, self-reinforcing, corrupted culture of illegal perverse behavior by those preying upon children.

Terri Schenfeld


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