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May 1, 2013

Readers' Forum 5-1 | On gun laws, gov’t has alternative motive

— I am disgusted and offended by the recent push for tougher gun laws. I have been diagnosed with bipolar anxiety and depression. I have battled with these my whole life. I grew up in a home with plenty of guns as my entire family hunts. I have gone hunting and was involved in the hunting and fishing club in school, where I participated in target shooting.

I have never and would never pull a weapon on someone. I am outraged at our government and media using scare tactic for political gain.

Mental health, criminal record, etc., do not make you any higher risk of committing a gun-related crime. This recent push to leave the American public defenseless against threats, foreign and domestic, is no more than an attempt to disarm the public for easier control.

Blair Warner


Put terrorism blame where it belongs

How are we to defeat an enemy our leaders refuse to identify? I never knew a country could be clinically brain-dead. Obviously, not all of us are this way, but enough to put and keep these treasonous fools in office.

How many times must we be forced to stand by as our fellow citizens are slaughtered by Muslim terrorists (look, I said it; it’s not that hard!) and pretend that it isn’t happening?

And to add insult to injury, we’re then subjected to a media circus of misdirection and outright denial. Somehow this always ends up being our fault. Talk about victimizing the victims. Our political and media elites have got this down to a science. It’s the same thing with gun control.

I wonder how many people in Boston last month wished they had a gun when this Muslim terrorist was on the loose with more weapons and pipe bombs. If a criminal or mentally ill person wants a gun, he or she is going to get one. You are not going to “gun control” them from getting one.

Are we now going to outlaw pressure cookers? Because surely when we take all the pressure cookers, only criminals will have pressure cookers. First, they’ll go after the bigger, 30-quart canning size and on it goes.

David Shaulis


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