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May 1, 2013

Readers' Forum 5-1 | On gun laws, gov’t has alternative motive

Submitted by Readers

— I am disgusted and offended by the recent push for tougher gun laws. I have been diagnosed with bipolar anxiety and depression. I have battled with these my whole life. I grew up in a home with plenty of guns as my entire family hunts. I have gone hunting and was involved in the hunting and fishing club in school, where I participated in target shooting.

I have never and would never pull a weapon on someone. I am outraged at our government and media using scare tactic for political gain.

Mental health, criminal record, etc., do not make you any higher risk of committing a gun-related crime. This recent push to leave the American public defenseless against threats, foreign and domestic, is no more than an attempt to disarm the public for easier control.

Blair Warner


Put terrorism blame where it belongs

How are we to defeat an enemy our leaders refuse to identify? I never knew a country could be clinically brain-dead. Obviously, not all of us are this way, but enough to put and keep these treasonous fools in office.

How many times must we be forced to stand by as our fellow citizens are slaughtered by Muslim terrorists (look, I said it; it’s not that hard!) and pretend that it isn’t happening?

And to add insult to injury, we’re then subjected to a media circus of misdirection and outright denial. Somehow this always ends up being our fault. Talk about victimizing the victims. Our political and media elites have got this down to a science. It’s the same thing with gun control.

I wonder how many people in Boston last month wished they had a gun when this Muslim terrorist was on the loose with more weapons and pipe bombs. If a criminal or mentally ill person wants a gun, he or she is going to get one. You are not going to “gun control” them from getting one.

Are we now going to outlaw pressure cookers? Because surely when we take all the pressure cookers, only criminals will have pressure cookers. First, they’ll go after the bigger, 30-quart canning size and on it goes.

David Shaulis


Leading expert to talk about radical Islam

If you are concerned about the rise of radical Islam in the United States, you have a great opportunity to learn more.

On May 6, author Brigitte Gabriel, a leading expert on the subject, will speak about it at Central Christian Assembly, Rossville Boulevard, in Baltimore.

Gabriel spent seven years living in a bomb shelter in Lebanon. Living in the United States when 9/11 happened, she said, “No! Not here in my new home.”

She founded Act! for America to inform our citizens and leaders about what we are up against.

The topics she will discuss are:

* Suppression of criticism of Islam.

* Homegrown jihad.

* Terrorists infiltrating our borders.

* The Muslim Brotherhood and creeping Sharia law in America.

* Misrepresentation of history in our public education.

Gabriel has a powerful message. You will be shocked at what is happening in our country.

Sharon Nagle


Congressman taking care of rich friends

In an April 27 article in The Herald Standard, “Obama: Flight delay fix a band-aid,” Republican Rep. Bill Shuster stated, “There are some in the Obama administration who thought inflicting pain on the public would give the president more leverage to avoid making necessary spending cuts, and to impose more tax hikes on the American people.”

This was in connection with the furloughs of the air traffic controllers imposed by the sequester.

Shuster is always up for more spending cuts that will shrink the economy, and put more people out of work, while placing more wealth in the pockets of folks whose pockets are already stuffed and overflowing.

His friends, the very rich, now pay less taxes than they have paid since the Great Depression. Their share of taxes has gone from an all-time high of 94 percent down to an all-time low of about 35 percent.

With tax loopholes, the very rich actually pay about 12 percent to 17 percent. Some will pay zero.

The problem with the economy is that the rich have had more than 50 years of tax cuts while the tax burden has been shifted to the rest us. Now that the economy and our jobs have been moved overseas for the benefit of the very rich, there is not enough tax money coming in.

It’s time to vote Shuster out and find someone who at least once in his or her life had to work for a living.

Louis Mollica


A hired attorney is not voice of authority

In reference to the April 27 article, “McCort probe widens,” I would like to suggest that the comments and allegations of attorneys who have a financial interest in the solicitation of clients are not news.

An attorney who is “investigating” a larger pool of potential individuals to blame and seeking more clients to represent is not the voice of authority in this sad situation. Many students were victimized by a sociopath and the collateral damage has been considerable. What an attorney’s “common sense would dictate” others should have seen does not inform. It does, however, attempt to tarnish Bishop McCort with unfounded speculation.

On this topic in general: Cognitive dissonance is the best friend of sociopaths who hide behind masks of a trusted neighbor, colleague or authority figure. It is a powerful defense mechanism that influences what we accept as truth in many different contexts. We want to continue to believe what we already believe, and subtle signs which conflict can be unconsciously filtered out before we are even aware of them. Institutions that serve children are working to educate and instill a healthy skepticism in staff and students, which should make it more difficult for sociopaths to deceive us.

We should be aware of the limitations we all have in common. In situations where we want so desperately to find someone to blame, none of us can truly say that we would have seen more and done better.

Nancy Pesto



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