The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

July 13, 2013

Readers' Forum 13 | The true spirit of the ‘4th’

Submitted by Readers

— Sitting on my hillside and looking out over Johnstown on the evening of July 4, I watched again one of the best private, unorganized fireworks displays around.

I’m talking some big boomers here, not sparklers, magic snakes and other state-approved garbage.

When it was all over, there was a cloud of thick smoke hanging over the entire valley. It looked like there had been a battle fought with artillery.

My observation here is that people are celebrating Independence Day the way it should be celebrated, by telling the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania what our forefathers told  the king of England – to go pound salt.

Obviously, people want fireworks and will get them even though the nanny state in its infinite wisdom forbids it.

This, to me, is in the true spirit of Independence Day.

Doug Crouse


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