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November 18, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-18 | Board isn’t served by contentious atmosphere

Submitted by Readers

— I recently watched on Channel 14 a rebroadcast of the October Johnstown Housing Authority board meeting. The tone of this meeting was disturbing.

At times, the board president was overly argumentative when it was unwarranted. He needs to bring his attitude down a notch. There are real issues to be dealt with and a board meeting is not the place for petty, personal agendas to surface.

Concerns were brought up by some on the board about benches outside Kentucky Fried Chicken. Apparently, some from the business community are complaining about loitering in this area by Johnstown Community Corrections Center residents.

Has anyone from the board ever approached the halfway house staff for assistance in handling loitering in this area?

I live at Vine Street Towers and on numerous occasions have sat on the benches by Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The truth is, when residents of Johnstown Housing Authority properties sit on those benches, or ones along Vine Street, they are met with looks of absolute disdain from some in the business community.

Dyrthe Wilson


American flag, pledge have lost their meaning

Will you continue to salute the flag? I’m sorry but, in all honesty, I can’t.

Think about what it stands for: “One nation under God (did they take it away yet?), indivisible, with liberty (a permit is required for everything you do from building a house to adding a garage or addition to your house to drilling gas, water or oil wells on your property) and justice for all (even the unborn?).”

Of course, the next step would be to add a few words such as “I (must) pledge allegiance” and “justice for all (except ...).”

Until the nation gets back to what it was when the pledge was written and what the flag once stood for, no flag will fly on my property.

Of course, the next thing they will try to do is slip a law through that requires every property to fly an American flag.

God needs to be back in America.

Patty Cunningham


Philly presidential vote raises questions

When I read the county by county totals for the election of a president, I was astonished to find that the percentage of voters for President Obama in Philadelphia was 86 percent. Compared that to the other Pennsylvania counties with large cities that have a Democrat voter advantage, where he received 58 percent.

Had Obama received 58 percent of the 642,059 votes cast in Philadelphia, he would have lost Pennsylvania to Mitt Romney by 74,000.

Why was Philadelphia County so different than the rest of Pennsylvania?

We know that the election had some serious evidence of potential voter fraud and that U.S. Attorney Eric Holder fought to block the implementation of voter ID in this election.

We also know that he refused to prosecute voter intimidation by Black Panthers in Philadelphia in 2008.

Truth be told, Philadelphia has a long, storied history of voter fraud. If the Democrat machines in other large cities in America had the same amount of voter fraud, the president-elect should be Romney.

Not to be outdone, the major media refused to report on what is becoming a long list of cover-ups by the Obama administration, which once promised to be the most transparent in American history.

In the next four years, we will see the Obama administration try to weasel its way out of legitimate investigations by Congress that could lead to the impeachment of Obama.

Meanwhile, the rest of America will flounder in the political uncertainty of a tarnished administration.

This will become Obama’s infamous legacy. God help us.

Dr. Bill Choby


Socialism will be nation’s downfall

Thanks to all of you President Obama fans, this country is headed toward socialism.

Keep on looking for your free gifts from the government – welfare, Medicare, etc. But when the smart companies and organizations start going to foreign countries, maybe you had better start looking for jobs, which won’t be there because the government will run out of the money.

Look back at the vote you cast in 2012.

I’m 74 and I hope I’m not alive to see this.

Joe Morris

Cambria Care Center, Ebensburg

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