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March 10, 2013

Readers' Forum 3-10 | Pittsburgh ties warrant keeping KDKA

— When I read Debbie Chuba’s (“Cable subscriber upset; official responds”) Readers’ Forum letter and David Dane’s (“TV station became cost prohibitive”) unacceptable response on March 5, for the first time, I was made aware of the loss of KDKA to Atlantic Broadband subscribers.

This is probably because local stations are so obsessed with weather reports that I rarely watch the Weather Channel, likewise many other stations currently offered.

Whomever originally dictated the market area that includes Johnstown could have benefited from some history and geography lessons. Johnstown has little in common with Altoona and shares no commonality with State College. Advertisers from those areas surely do not realize much business from this side of the mountain.

As a proud alumna of the University of Pittsburgh, I am beyond vexed that despite our being home to an acclaimed regional campus of Pitt, I am constantly only apprised of activities in the land of the “Blue and White”

Keep KDKA available to remind us of the sports events and educational, cultural and health care opportunities that are only available to us at the closest city.

Marlene Kough


Immigration-reform law long pass due

With the nation being short on cash, the Department of Homeland Security re-leased illegal immigrants (criminals) into the general population.

Being short on cash motivates many, including Hispanics, to cross our borders and enter illegally.

While safety and security are of concern, we don’t need to get the shotguns out just yet.

Of the estimated 11 million illegals in the United States, only 48 percent are Hispanics. Who makes up the 52 other percent and where is their mail delivered?

On news programs, I’ve noticed only Hispanic people being released.

Every country has good and bad people in their culture. Hispanics have a culture with strong religious beliefs. They are family-centered and hardworking. Sounds like those on the Mayflower, doesn’t it?

Lets hope a comprehensive immigration-reform law is passed in the near future.

Rose Fritz


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