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July 15, 2013

Readers' Forum 7-15 | Clean-energy plan comes with huge price tag

— The July 10 edition of The Tribune-Democrat contained a small, inconspicuous article on page A5 announcing the closures of two FirstEnergy coal-fired generating stations. It seems these are just the first two casualties of President Obama’s overly ambitious and utterly unrealistic approach to his dream of “clean energy.”

Many more closures are to result with this course of extremist environmental activism having a say in our energy policy.

These facilities have a combined output of 2,080 megawatts. That’s nearly double the total output of all wind farms currently operating in Pennsylvania, which I believe fully debunks the claim that they are a suitable replacement for traditional coal-fired electricity generation.

What was cited for the reason to close?

Money and lots of it – to the tune of $278 million – to bring these stations up to standards.

Consumers and businesses may not yet feel the trickle-down from the Environmental Protection Agency’s heavy hand in terms of skyrocketing prices, but it’s closer than can be imagined.

Costs like that cannot be absorbed by any business entity, even a utility, without being passed on.

Most all Americans are thankful for their current standard of living, but it certainly will be threatened when the basic staple of our modern way of life – electricity – will become increasingly inconvenient to afford.

Add the latest brazen, executive action by Obama to regulate carbon-dioxide emissions and the picture looks every bit more bleak.

It’s time to take pointers from the Amish on how to deal without electricity.

Christopher Farabaugh


Route 219 Jerome exit hazardous for drivers

Death is at your door – that is, your car door.

How many of you travel daily in and around the Jerome area? How many of you have almost gotten “slammed” by a coal truck or by cars whose drivers are ignorant of the fact that signs are to obey?

I’m referring to the Route 219 southbound off ramp. Drivers of trucks and cars alike don’t care. They come down the ramp into Jerome without looking, without slowing down, without caring about the sign saying to yield – not merge.

I almost got slammed twice in one month.

I’ve talked to Conemaugh Township police officers, who have told me everything from the fact there is no time and no money for additional patrols to saying that it’s a PennDOT issue.

I was also told PennDOT would be called and i would receive a call back. That was a month ago, and guess what? No return call.

Is it going to take a death for these people to act?

Is this tax dollars at work?

People, please contact the police department if you’ve had the same trouble.

Don Walters


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