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July 22, 2013

Readers' Forum 7-22 | Give commuters a real tax break for travel

— Transportation to and from a workplace is a necessary expense for someone to earn a living. The driving costs should be an adjustment subtracted from an employee’s W-2 statement to figure out their taxable income.

Bus and train fares should be deductible, too.

Legislators receive nontaxable money for transportation expenses. Is this fair to taxpayers?

Minimum-wage workers can put in an entire shift to pay for a week’s transportation costs to and from the job.

If you must drive, vehicle expenses should be deductible at 50 cents per mile, plus parking fees.

Retired, single people with a pension and other income over $25,000, and married couples with pensions and other incomes over $32,000 must pay income taxes on their Social Security, including Medicare.

Due to inflation, these ancient figures should be changed to $42,000 and $50,000, respectively, from $25,000 and $32,000, respectively.

Call this to the attention of your senators and congressmen.

It will determine whether they represent you, or just special-interest groups – mainly made up of millionaires.

Frank Crnarich

Homer City


Nation doesn’t live by founders’ principles

In the Pledge of Alliance, we say “One Nation Under God.”

Our paper money reads “In God We Trust.”

So what happened to America?

We have lawmakers – so-called Christians and so-called Catholics – who approve of same-sex marriage.

God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Andy, or Eve and Evie.

God created Adam and Eve to procreate if possible.

But what happens is that some women think nothing of having sexual pleasure without protection. Then when they become pregnant, what do they do?

Kill the baby.

God’s law says thou shalt not kill. Yet these same lawmakers approve of abortion.

I’ll bet our forefathers are rolling over in their graves and throwing up. These are not the principles they wanted for our nation.

This is not a true nation under God. If you men want to have men “friends,” and if you women want to have women “friends,” that’s your decision, but I don’t want to know about it and I’ll bet a lot of other people don’t, either.

If couples want to have sex without conceiving, take the proper precautions. Why should a little baby suffer at your hands because you were stupid?

There are adoption agencies to serve people.

A lot of couples who can’t conceive would love to have that precious little one.

Those of you who have abortions should, for the rest of your lives, have the pain that little baby had when you killed him.

Mary Ann Hicks


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