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April 28, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-28 | Kuchera brothers editorial went too far

— I find the editorial on April 21 related to the Kucheras utterly embarrassing to Johnstown. I am surprised such an honorable profession as journalism could go beyond a simple opinion to actually trashing a family’s name.

People make mistakes; haven’t you?

Have you done as much good for the community, church, volunteer organizations and fundraising events? And what they gave to the job market, and other donations, which I am sure supersedes the $325,000 for each brother’s mistake?

Does that necessitate jail time?

I cannot believe the newspaper would stoop that low to sell papers.

Lisa Devineni


Nation’s founders knew what they were doing

Each day, I read the letters in the paper and wonder who makes the decisions for most people. We are influenced to vote a certain way by pressure from others, namely lobbyists and news media.

In our country, we are guaranteed rights that protect us, not from each other but from the government itself. It is scary to think that the people running our government make comments about our rights being outdated, or that no one cares about their rights.

The problem is not guns, it is the people who use guns. No background check will ever stop gun violence. If a criminal or a mentally disturbed person wants a gun, he or she will get one regardless of background checks.

I think we need to have background checks on pressure cookers, cell phones that detonate pressure cookers, cars that are driven by drunks, the nails and ball bearings used in homemade bombs and knives that are used to stab 14 people at a community college in Texas.

If this sounds ridiculous, you can insert any item that has ever caused a person harm, and require background checks for purchasing it.

I thank the founders of our nation who put in place the 60-vote rule in the Senate that has prevented government from taking away our “certain unalienable rights.” (Declaration of Independence, 1776, July 4).

David Novak


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