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April 28, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-28 | Kuchera brothers editorial went too far

Submitted by Readers

— I find the editorial on April 21 related to the Kucheras utterly embarrassing to Johnstown. I am surprised such an honorable profession as journalism could go beyond a simple opinion to actually trashing a family’s name.

People make mistakes; haven’t you?

Have you done as much good for the community, church, volunteer organizations and fundraising events? And what they gave to the job market, and other donations, which I am sure supersedes the $325,000 for each brother’s mistake?

Does that necessitate jail time?

I cannot believe the newspaper would stoop that low to sell papers.

Lisa Devineni


Nation’s founders knew what they were doing

Each day, I read the letters in the paper and wonder who makes the decisions for most people. We are influenced to vote a certain way by pressure from others, namely lobbyists and news media.

In our country, we are guaranteed rights that protect us, not from each other but from the government itself. It is scary to think that the people running our government make comments about our rights being outdated, or that no one cares about their rights.

The problem is not guns, it is the people who use guns. No background check will ever stop gun violence. If a criminal or a mentally disturbed person wants a gun, he or she will get one regardless of background checks.

I think we need to have background checks on pressure cookers, cell phones that detonate pressure cookers, cars that are driven by drunks, the nails and ball bearings used in homemade bombs and knives that are used to stab 14 people at a community college in Texas.

If this sounds ridiculous, you can insert any item that has ever caused a person harm, and require background checks for purchasing it.

I thank the founders of our nation who put in place the 60-vote rule in the Senate that has prevented government from taking away our “certain unalienable rights.” (Declaration of Independence, 1776, July 4).

David Novak


All gun owners should be members of NRA

I have read several letters to the editor trashing the National Rifle Association. I am a life member of the NRA and I believe that any gun owner should also be a member.

The NRA has been in the crosshairs since the Newtown, Conn., shootings for no good reason.

The NRA supports the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. It lobbies to make sure that our rights are preserved. But some people seem to think that they should not be allowed to lobby for our rights.

I have not seen or heard as many negative comments about other lobbies that are tying to get their members’ messages to the lawmakers – AARP, American Medical Association, and the like.

The current focus is on the background check issue. We in Pennsylvania are already subject to these checks. If anyone thinks a background check is going to stop a criminal from obtaining a gun, he or she should think again.

Criminals do not follow the law. The only ones effected by this are the law-abiding citizens. Common-sense “gun control” that many think needs to be undertaken is to enforce the laws that are on the book now, and not to place more on the books that no one wants to enforce.

Jeffrey Lloyd


Many questions but only few answers

The president met the Saudi minister of interior in January to allow Saudi citizens access here under “trusted status.”

It means that Saudi Arabia does the vetting. The United States, France, Germany and Israel do not have this luxury.

Currently, 75,000 Saudis live here on student visas; that’s up 500 percent since 9/11.

Some 15,000 have entered the United States and never showed up for school. Where are they?

Saudi Arabia is the nation from where 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers came.

Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the Saudi national injured at the Boston bombings and under guard at a Boston hospital, entered the United States on Aug. 28, 2012. He registered but doesn’t attend college in Ohio. He has at an apartment in Boston.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano refused to answer questions about him after the bombing. The FBI labeled him an armed and dangerous terrorist.

Two days after the bombings, in an unscheduled, closed meeting, Secretary of State John Kerry met with the Saudi foreign minister at the White House. As if by magic, the label against the man was removed.

Was he really only a spectator at the marathon? Was Al-Harbi considered “armed and dangerous” before the Boston bombings? Was the label related to something they found while searching his apartment? Why is this not being reported in the news?

Susan Miller-Lovette


Democrats, unions costing American jobs

During the past 50 years, I have  watched actions by Democrats and the unions taking away jobs from Americans.

In the 1970s, in Southern California, laborers, finishers and carpenters unions promoted illegal aliens to join the unions.

As illegal aliens were sent out and Americans sat in the halls, the aliens paid kickbacks.

Then in the 1980s, under President Bill Clinton, action protecting the spotted owl shut down lumber mills across the Northwest. Many jobs were lost; teamsters found themselves unemployed.

Meatpacking industry unions have done the same thing, forcing Americans into unemployment lines while illegal aliens worked.

Today, we have a coal industry closing workplace sites just like the lumber industry did. Steel mills and auto plants, too, have suffered under Democrats.

Name one coal plant, lumber mill or steel mill that George Bush shut down.

We have a pipeline the Obama administration has sequestered, leaving thousands of welders, pipefitters and engineers unemployed.

Now, we have Obama and other Democrats giving amnesty to illegal aliens. Then, while these so-called field workers are being given green cards, we have to import more aliens to work the fields.

Whose jobs will they take when they can legally seek work?

I’ve pointed out the communists who keep getting voted into Congress.

Ed McGarvey



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