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April 29, 2013

Readers' Forum 4-29 | Networks give president a free pass

Submitted by Readers

— While President George W. Bush was in office, the news media (NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN networks) were quick to criticize his faults – anything that was unenthusiastic and detrimental to Bush. In 4½ years of President Obama’s fun times, we’ve not heard the same criticisms. But let’s look at some negative facts about the Obama administration:

* 1,600 troops killed in Afghanistan and 263 in Iraq.

* Unemployment reached 10.1 percent in October 2009. Four years later, it’s still too high at 7.6 percent.

* Federal deficit spending has increased 90 percent under this administration.

* Bush quit golfing when we went to war and Obama spent $9 million to rub elbows with Tiger Woods for a weekend and has recorded 180 golf outings in four years. His wife, Michelle, enjoyed a ski vacation to Aspen this year thanks to the taxpayers.

* After 9/11, this country was not attacked once under Bush. But since our golfing/basketball/vacationing president has been in office, his record stands at six attacks.

* Gasoline prices are up from $1.90 to $3.55 per gallon since he took office.

A definition of a great leader is: “You would not ask anyone to do anything different that you would do first yourself and by your example.”

His weakness at being the commander in chief shows his pathetic intellect to lead while the world is laughing at the stupidity of this country.

Thank you to the 51 percent who voted this president back into office.

Peter M. Fedash

Richland Township

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