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May 3, 2013

Readers' Forum 5-3 | Second Amendment never more important

— After the shooting rampage at Fort Hood in 2009, when the accused gunman reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar,” the Obama administration’s Department of Defense classified the perpetrator’s actions as “workplace violence.”

Terrorist activity at the Boston Marathon forced people to live in fear for their lives for several days, because two (or more) perverted followers of a certain religion that has more than once been associated with violent actions against the U.S. government and its citizens, decided to strike against innocent Americans.

Will the president soon be making a speech lecturing us on the threats of radical Islam? Don’t hold your breath.

Following the murderous rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary, our president, along with his congressional cohorts and the ministry-of-lies news media, have not hesitated to use victims’ families as shills, trotting out grief-stricken parents to play upon the sympathies of the American people in an attempt to incriminate the Second Amendment and impose new restrictions on gun ownership.

We are told that we need not have the ability to obtain or own certain types of scary-looking firearms. And as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says, “No one needs 10 bullets. ...”

After witnessing the recent activity in the Boston area, maybe more than 10 bullets should be mandatory, lest some deranged individuals with evil intentions attack an innocent citizenry.

Armed, common people are citizens. Disarmed, they become subjects.

Aren’t you glad that, at least for now, you have the Second Amendment to help protect yourself?

August Gatto


A better understanding of Islam is needed

The media and the Obama administration have failed to identify the perpetrators of the Boston attacks as Islamic terrorists.

There was also a foiled Islamic terrorist attack in Canada.

Why don’t our journalists investigate Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali-Harbi and his ties to  Islamic terrorism? He initially was “a person of interest” in the Boston bombings.

The Obama administration and some members of Congress are influenced by the Council on American-Islamic relations (CAIR). In a December 2007 federal court filing, prosecutors described CAIR as “having conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists.”

CAIR has received funding from the International Islamic Relief Organization – a Saudi-funded organization whose U.S. offices have been investigated for possible links to Hamas and al-Qaida.

There is a fight over the future of Islam. Islamic terrorists want to keep the faith unchanged and create a global caliphate, an Islamic state led by a supreme religious as well as political leader.

Moderate Muslims want to implement democratic forms of government and modernize Islam.

Our current government leaders seem blind to the difference.

Al Cooper


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