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March 13, 2013

Readers' Forum 3-13 | Region needs cable competition

— The time has come for cable subscribers to pick which cable provider they would prefer, rather than having Atlantic Broadband forced upon us. The other nonsatellite cable company in our region has a much better package and it will continue to have KDKA as part of its lineup.

I have been a loyal customer of Atlantic Broadband for nearly 12 years and have been satisfied with its service, despite the numerous price increases. I don’t mind price increases if the quality is there.

However, I am infuriated to learn of the company’s decision to drop KDKA from the cable lineup after reading the Readers’ Forum. Atlantic Broadband should have had the decency to send correspondences to its subscribers explaining this bold decision.

With this decision, I not only lose the best newscast in western Pennsylvania, I also lose the “Sports Showdown” on Sunday nights.

David Dane, Atlantic Broadband COO, suggested his viewers watch CW (channel 15) for Pittsburgh news/sports. Well, that channel does not carry “Sports Showdown.”

Instead of dropping KDKA, Atlantic Broadband could save money by dropping some shopping channels. Do we need four shopping networks?

The people of Johnstown need cable competition to keep providers honest and to serve the people.

Ron C. Korber



Health-care article an eye-opener

After reading the article “Why medical bills are killing us,” by Steven Brill, in the March 4 edition of Time magazine, I was compelled to write a letter concerning this issue.

How can you read this article and not get incensed by our health-care system?

From what Brill has reported, it seems Medicare should be offered to people younger than 65.

Medicare insurance is able to lower costs, which in the end would save billions of dollars each year. It was amazing to learn that  people who have no insurance or a plan that has a limited amount of money for their individual insurance plan will be bankrupt if they have a catastrophic illness.

And that drug program that was passed several years ago is nothing but a scam. The drug companies are free to set their own prices.

What is a person to do who needs medical attention but doesn’t have insurance? During the presidential campaign, someone asked Mitt Romney that question, and his answer was: “Just call an ambulance and they will take you to the ER.” My question to him would have been, “who pays?”

Please read this particular article – it was very well-investigated. In this great country of ours, it is hard to understand why intelligent men and women can’t do better for the citizens who elected them. If they were working for a company, they would all have been fired.

Virginia Buser


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