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November 1, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-1 | Football fracas not a one-sided affair

Submitted by Readers

— In response to the Readers’ Forum letters regarding the Oct. 20 game at Point Stadium: I have seen numerous complaints against our coaches and fans, and yes, we did become irritated and irate.

What I fail to see in every post is the part where our kids and coaches were being booed and even cussed at by a few Shade fans. At one point, a Conemaugh Valley fan had been hit with a wand and was being verbally abused. These letters are correct to say that it was a youth game and neither side should have acted the way they did, but everyone fails to mention what caused Conemaugh Valley fans and coaches to retaliate.

I did not read where a Shade coach stormed the field after our coach or where a Shade fan screamed to take out our kids’ knees. There is more to this story than has been posted, and it has always been Conemaugh Valley being the problem, yet no one is telling what caused us to act that way. As a parent and fan, I find it offensive that we are being held as unsportsmanlike for defending our kids.

Our coaches are tough on our kids, but for our team to have the record it did was not free. Our kids worked hard, and I am grateful to our coaches for teaching our kids to play. Our coaches care for our kids.

David Stephens

East Conemaugh

Major religions condemn abortions

The person who wrote saying that God is pro-choice (“Pro-choice means you make decisions,” Oct. 26) is not a Christian, Jew or even a Muslim because all of those major religions condemn abortions as the murder of babies.

Some religions will allow the abortion if the mother’s life is in danger.

The writer quoted one verse in the Bible that has nothing to do with God being pro-choice but to giving us the choice to be good or evil.

Since the writer quoted the Bible, the writer must read it and maybe might believe in Jesus.

If so, then answer this question: When was Jesus Jesus? The holy mother had the freedom of choice. She was not forced to become the mother of God. She chose to do the will of God.

 If the writer is a Christian then he or she must be pro-life because God is the creator of all life, and we do not have the right to destroy that gift from God.

The choice must be made not to conceive a child that is not wanted. We have no idea who we have murdered by abortion.

Mothers will never know the love that the child would have given them. The child cries from the womb, “Mother, I would have loved you so.”

Rev. Tony Joseph

Richland Township

Programming gem at Richland center

I attended The Unexpected Surfer Boys show at the Richland Performing Arts Center, and a big wow.

Jake Morisi brought in some quality entertainment once again, and with the help from fellow technical directors Dan Bivens and Billy Sievers.

My hat is off as well to Scott Miller, executive director, who put together the best-of-the-best acoustic sound.

Also, the house staff of students did a wonderful job, and when you add the box office help from Michelle Graham and Rachael Miller, you got yourself a good show.

If you haven’t been to this local theater yet, you simply have to check it out because music is a universal language and the songs you hear are ageless.

Gordy Haluska

Richland Township