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November 6, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-6 | Holy Name children’s service inspirational

Submitted by Readers

— Last Thursday, I attended another great program at the Holy Name Catholic School and church in Ebensburg. It was the All Saints Day prayer service put on by the young children who attend there.

Although I am not a Roman Catholic, I still appreciate the Christian values being taught to our young children at Holy Name, especially at a time when those values seem to be on a decline.

My grandson looked really great with his long, white beard. They had a packed house again.

Thank you, Holy Name.

Walter Rudnik


At Penn State, money can’t hide the truth

Several members of both parties in the state House of Representatives have tried to push an investigation into why it took so long to stop the raping of young men in State College.

In the late ’90s, people knew. Someone  in the local police department had to have known. People in the district attorney’s office and even in the attorney general’s office had to have known.

Penn State is now willing to spend whatever amount just to get this over with, but money cannot hide the truth.

All these young men for all those years, and they want to place the blame on someone who is not here to defend himself.

Penn State should start with its trustees who knew long before Joe Paterno did. I believe this is why they’re in a big hurry to end this. We need to know why this was allowed to go on since 1998.

How would you feel if this had happened to your son and it could have been prevented if people would have done the right thing?

I have no problem with trying to make life better for these young men, but I believe that justice is the only real cure for them.

To think that this is just a Penn State problem is wrong.

Every one who allowed this to happen should be punished. Those who knew and did nothing should not be allowed to go unpunished because Penn State is paying off the victims.

So many have paid so much and were not to blame. At least make those who were do the same.

Butch Price

Stonycreek Township

Richland arts center offering top talent

If you haven’t attended a show at the Richland Performing Arts Center, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity.

On Oct. 27, I saw “The Unexpected Surfer Boys” in concert and I was amazed.

These young men all had performed on Broadway. Their talent was extraordinary.

Mark your calendars for Nov. 18, for a musical tribute to Frank Sinatra performed by Tony Sands.

Along with student productions during the year, there are many other shows that are presented by professional artists and are quite comparable to other venues in the area.

Connie Huff


Closure still eludes murder victim’s dad

My daughter, Kathleen Dawson, was burned alive on Nov. 10, 1981, in Conemaugh Township, Somerset County, by her husband. He is now incarcerated – and I hope forever. This to some may bring closure, but not for me.

I, and the authorities, know he had accomplices and we know who they were.

I vow that before I die, they also will pay.

Roy D. Smith



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