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November 11, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-11 | America is the beacon of democracy

Submitted by Readers

— With this year’s election over, it’s important to reflect back and understand what really happened. Races for national and state offices were expected to be close, and the results did not disappoint.

Why is this all important?

Because, despite the closeness of the races, the investment we make in candidates, and the feelings we have, we all move forward the next morning. We work, we play, we worry about the Steelers’ defense and we think about the upcoming holiday season.

That is not an example of apathy, but, instead, proof of the intelligence of our Founding Fathers.

The process matters, almost as much as the results. We debate, we battle and we disagree, but the process keeps us all going. That’s the lesson everyone should take away from American elections.

We do not riot, damage property, assault candidates and their supporters, or commit even more violent crimes. We vote, we celebrate our wins and mourn our losses, then gear up to go again.

We shine as the beacon of democracy to the rest of the world. Our process matters.

That does not mean we are perfect, but it does mean this great experiment continues to succeed.

Matt Sernell

Geistown Borough

Fox News team must be reeling

Just wondering:

Will Karl Rove retire his chalkboard? He is the guy who really runs Fox snooze.

In the aftermath of the election, who at Fox News will be the first to take the gas pipe? Will it be Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Neil Cavuto, Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter? Then again, maybe it will be “Rushbo” Limbaugh.

My guess is Hannity then Limbaugh.

Did Limbaugh’s hearing-implant wires get crossed, causing some of the stupid things he says?

I’m glad he could afford that implant now.

Oh well, his followers will continue to make him a very rich man.

Does anybody at The Tribune-Demo-crat know the difference between a sports section and a classified-advertising section? The sports section is a real mess; maybe hand out magnifying glasses so we can read the scoreboard page.

Are there different speed limits for motorcycles and trucks?

Could a fifth-grader synchronize traffic lights better than some of the so-called engineers?

Is WJAC-TV a news station or a weather channel?

George Wargo



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