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April 10, 2014

Readers' Forum 4-10 | Something has to change in Harrisburg

JOHNSTOWN — It seems as if the good old boys in Harrisburg are at it again. Now they’re telling us seniors and others that they want to remove the burden of school property taxes from our lives and replace that with an increase in the state sales tax. Isn’t that priceless?

Instead of being able to budget my school taxes into my expenses, I’ll have no idea of how much more or less I’ll be paying in new sales taxes on food, clothing, fuel or labor costs that will become taxable. Will these new taxes apply to home heating costs, insurance on cars and properties and other basic life necessities? What about the costs of public transportation, secondary education or job-related mandatory training?

Wake up, voters! These endless demands from people who do not even register to vote or try to find work or claim some imaginary disability must come to an end. We would not need more taxes if Pennsylvania didn’t have one of the largest legislatures in the country, and among the highest paid, also.

Reform the Legislature, downsize the number of officeholders, estimate per diem perks and allow voters to approve any salary raises.

Come primary election time, we, the voter, need to be educated on issues and speak our voice. If not, Peter will be giving us something while Paul is picking our pockets.

Politicians fear an educated electorate. Get smarter.

John Fabo

South Fork

Our country is past the point of no return

A few thoughts that have me curious:

-- In Congress, there is a black caucus. Why is there no white caucus?

-- There is the New Black Panther Party. Why are there no white panthers?

-- There are gay militants. Why are there no straight militants?

-- There are destructive animal rights militants. Why are they not in jail?

-- Why do we not want to offend Muslims but could care less about offending Christians?

-- Why have we allowed just one man to flood the country in debt, make massive cuts to the military, begrudge every benefit to our fighting men and women while giving millions of dollars to countries that hate us, to illegal aliens, to the masses of human debris that never worked a day in their life, as well as their kids and their kids for generations?

-- Why are the achievers who work hard to make something of themselves demonized while the worthless are viewed as victims of an unjust society?

-- Why did we allow government workers to unionize when even liberal icon FDR wouldn’t allow it?

-- Why do we continue to allow teachers unions to further degrade the educational system?

-- How did Jane Fonda get away with treason?

It is quite obvious that the country is dying a slow death, and I believe we are past the point of no return to return the country to greatness. But surely there are enough country-loving patriots left to make those responsible for the destruction of the country pay dearly for it.

Chuck Cordoro


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