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October 11, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-11 | Difficult to defend vote for Obama

Submitted by Readers

— I know many registered Democrats, including good friends and relatives who I respect very much. Some I have known for 40 years. I know their likes and dislikes. I know that they love to hunt, are good Christians, and are against same-sex marriage and abortion. I know they, like everyone, are frustrated with the economy.

Why then, when they go to the polls in November, will they vote for the party that supports the very same issues they are against? Perhaps it is because their dads and grandpaps were/are Democrats, and they want to remain faithful to that party.

Although that’s commendable, times have changed.

The political debate 20-30 years ago didn’t include the issues it does today. I’m sure there will be loved ones rolling over in their graves knowing that their offspring voted for a president who supports same-sex marriage.

My conscience would never allow me to support a party that goes against my core beliefs. So, I am proud to say that I will be voting Republican, and can easily defend my choice.

On the other hand, it will be very difficult to defend a vote for Obama when sharing these same values. Of course, you could say that Obama is an honest, experienced leader … oops, no can’t use that!

Well, maybe you could say he has done such a great job he deserves to be re-elected. Yeah, right. Good luck with that one.

Please be careful “what” you vote for … WWJD.

Kevin Reighard


District needs Critz as representative

I have been a Republican for most of my adult life. That said, I am going to vote for Mark Critz in November in the hopes that he will retain his seat in Congress.

There are many reasons, but the most compelling reason is that Congressman Critz lives in our area and has chosen to raise a family here.

If the Greater Johnstown area (the easternmost part of the 12th district) loses Critz, we will likely never see any appreciable representation in Congress. Why?


Critz’s opponent has already demonstrated that our end of the district has fewer votes and therefore is not as important as the area closer to Pittsburgh. Critz also knows that, but he has firsthand knowledge of our needs in this area and will stay focused on us as well as points farther west.

Finally, Critz is climbing the seniority ladder in Congress. That makes him even more valuable to us.

I hope that you will join me in voting for Mark Critz and keeping him as our representative in Congress.

Don Hall


Four years and very little to show

To all the undecided voters: Four years ago, a man was elected president on the basis of his lofty promises. Let’s examine his record. The Obama who many elected promised to cut annual budget deficits in half, but hasn’t. He swore to uphold the law, but hasn’t enforced laws he doesn’t like.

Now, he is again promising the moon to all who will vote for him and warning of a return to crony capitalism if Mitt Romney is elected. I suppose he’s referring to his energy department handing out billions to eco-entrepreneurs who all appear to have ties to himself or the Clintons.

Obama tells everyone how much he cares, but what (other than Obamacare and the stimulus bill) has he done? He’s had four years, two with Democrat majorities. Ask yourself, does President Obama care?

If you care about something, do you spend four years golfing and going to fundraisers, or do you fight for your concerns? Could it be that all Obama cares about is the rich who have paid for his campaigns and made sure he would have plenty of his own wealth without having to work an ordinary job?

Is it possible that he is a machine politician working for a coalition that wants to dominate America?

And is it possible that his opponent is not a super-rich monster but a devout and charitable family man who will keep campaign promises?

Before you vote, do us all a favor and think about it.

Matthew Leverknight


We’re giving atheists the upper hand

I read in the newspaper on Sept. 28 that atheists from Wisconsin are suing school districts in Pennsylvania for monuments on school grounds.

What rights do atheists have that people who believe in God don’t? They took away prayer in school and a pledge to the country.

What gets me is the dumb Supreme Court rules in their favor. To me, the atheists are troublemakers. If you don’t believe in God that’s your business, but don’t tell me I can’t believe in God or put up monuments. That’s my business.

If you don’t like it here, pack your bags and leave. There are planes and ships leaving every day, get on one. We believers won’t miss you and all the trouble you have caused.

If judges rule in their favor, they should resign.

I thought this was the land of the free and the home of the brave. The atheists get everything, we get nothing.

Joseph M. Omasta


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