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October 26, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-26 | Americans must set an example

Submitted by Readers

— We the people are the heart and soul of the United States. It is our right and responsibility to elect those whom we are convinced will truly represent us and govern with justice and love.

It is rancorous to our being that there are some who so disrespect the electorate that they can influence, indeed buy, our votes with vast expenditures of money.

Are the political parties, the media, the political action groups, etc., so venal as to prostitute for funds that come from those who only invest heavily to benefit themselves? The people and the nation be damned.

We must vote to preserve ourselves and our nation. We must continue to be the beacon of freedom for the world – not through conquest but through the example of our humanity to ourselves and to all.

Remember many years ago when an older boy was observed carrying a younger boy up the road to Father Flanagan’s Boys Town, and he was asked how he managed the arduous task? The young man’s response was: “He’s not heavy, he’s my brother.”

And so, as Americans, we are all brothers and sisters.

Sam Contakos


Pro-choice means you make decisions

I hear this all the time: “I can’t vote for that candidate because he is pro-choice.”

I have news for you. God is pro-choice. God says, “Today, I put before you life and death ... Therefore, you choose.” 

Is he for death? No, but he gives us free will and free choice.

If our creator allows us the right to choose right from wrong, why would we want a president who does not?

The president is not for abortions. He is for a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body, without government involvement.

Choosing to prevent the unwanted pregnancy is where the wise choice should take place. But in the real world, this is not always the case. Sometimes sex is forced upon a woman, even by her own husband. However, I truly believe that if a woman has the freedom to choose, and that decision is not forced upon her, that will free her to make the right choice.

This is all a pro-choice candidate is saying. You have the right to choose. You alone will have to deal with the consequences of your wrong choice, but you still can exert your free will.

Do you really want to elect a president who says no to that?

A. Lee Fenimore


Commercial could be viewed as fraudulent

Since photo IDs are not required for the upcoming election, could the TV commercials stating the need to provide photo IDs to vote be misleading the public?

Maybe even considered fraudulent.

Leonard Krivac


Economy on cusp of collapse

I see where all the Obama-loving faithful are still crying about all the free stuff future president Mitt Romney will eliminate. I just wish they would cry as much for the folks who work for a living.

What will be fun to watch is how they will howl when the government runs out of other people’s money for welfare, food stamps, housing and everything else the freeloaders have come to expect. I can’t really put all the blame on the freeloaders because the Democrats have always promised freebies if we just vote for them.

Should the current sorry excuse for a president be re-elected, I can guarantee within two years the economy will collapse followed by social upheaval and a breakdown of law and order.

Then I may ask all the liberals where the current crop of freeloaders will get their free stuff. I almost look forward to Obama getting re-elected so I can sit back and watch the carnage that will follow and see what the gimmie-free-stuff gang will be crying about.

The fact is that even if Romney wins the election and the Republicans take both houses, it will just delay the fall of America as the forces of evil won’t ever stop coming at us. They control the education system, the media, the unions and can be found under every rock from coast to coast.

The Roman Empire lasted about a 1,000 years. America won’t last 300.

Chuck Cordoro


Our faith should dictate how we vote

People, especially Christians, are getting a little overexcited about the upcoming election. The truth is, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Republicans are not going to provide the revival our country so desperately needs.

Do I believe President Obama needs to be replaced? Unquestionably. Anybody who believes in abortion, homosexual marriage and leads a party that boos God and Israel certainly needs to be replaced.

And anyone who has class warfare as his main theme should be looking for work elsewhere.

But the glaring problem with America is spiritual in nature. We’ve thrown God out of our learning institutions, taught the lie of evolution and brought in heretical teachings to our children from an early age with a devastating, brainwashing effect.

But God, who spoke heaven and earth into existence and made man and placed the breath of life into him, is still in control. He gave man the ability to learn, a conscience and a free will to make decisions.

In America, we are blessed with a government that gives us the privilege to vote. Although I do not see America being revived through politics, I believe God still wants us to use our God-given conscience and vote for the candidate and/or party that best represents God. In other words, our faith should dictate our vote.

The sins of America are many. We’re headed for the pit. The Democrats, if not placed in check with their uncontrolled liberalism, will just get us there quicker in this unenviable race.

Bernie Bolha

Upper Yoder Township

Is this the change we were hoping for?                                           Four years ago, we were promised change for the better. Let’s look at the past four years:

* The deficit doubled.

* The national debt increased by $6.3 trillion.

* Real unemployment (including those who gave up) more than doubled.

* This is the first presidential term since World War II during which there is a net loss in jobs in America.

* The number of food stamp recipients increased to 47 million from 30 million.

* Household income dropped by $4,500.

* Values of pension plans and savings decreased due to market decline and inflation – first time during a presidential term since World War II.

* Price of gasoline about doubled.

* Prices of food increased by about 50 percent.

* War in Afghanistan, instead of ending, escalated, costing more than 1,500 additional American lives and more than 15,000 more severely injured.

* Al-Qaida expanded throughout Middle East and North Africa and is stronger than ever.

* American prestige is at an all-time low and our lives are at higher risk from terrorism.

We were promised transparency but get lies and deception from Washington.

We are getting speeches full of compassion from a president flying around to golf games and exotic vacations paid for by taxpayers. The cost of this extravaganza is estimated to be 20 times that of the queen of England and is measured in billions of dollars.

While the country suffers, Obama is going to tax us more.

We need to wake up, step back and elect a new president.

Robert Czarnek


Too much fear, hate and pride in America

The Taliban are in Afghanistan and Pakistan, al-Qaida is in Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Iraq and now the Haqanni network. All are conservative, militant, religious extremists.

We have our own conservative, religious-right extremists and American chauvinists – the so-called values voters, the tea-party religious and fans of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter. Americans who fear then hate others whom God made different from them and/or don’t believe as they do. Many of them contribute to this forum.

Repent! Fear God! Humble yourselves. Stop regarding the splinters in others’ eyes without regard to the logs in your eyes. Stop promulgating fear, hate and bigotry while breaking the Lord’s heart with your self-righteousness and pride. As if only you know the Lord’s judgments.

Abortion has been legal since 1973. Obama’s fault? We’ve always had gay folks in our families. They now demand equality with you as promised within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. That’s Obama’s fault, too? I fear God’s wrath upon the haters rather than upon the hated.

God and country and neoconservatives’ American leadership are war talk. Without exceptions, throughout history, people have fabricated rationale for hatred and war from the raw material of our religions and national chauvinism. For decades, we’ve sent overwhelming military force and political subversion from our living rooms – even against popularly elected governments. Our enemies mentioned above send martyrs. Same thing – fear, pride and hatred.

Apologies to our innocent troops.

Michael Bass Anderson



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