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October 30, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-30 | Pregnancy by rape: Put focus where it belongs

— I am aghast at opinions voiced recently from far-right politicians concerning what should be done about women who are impregnated by rape or incest.

These politicians insist that the woman must carry the pregnancy to term. At the moment of conception, she is seen to be carrying a full-fledged person, endowed with more rights than she.

And, of course, all of the responsibility for the child – financial and otherwise    – falls squarely on the mother.

If it is so very important that every pregnancy result in a live birth, and if they grouse subsequently about taxpayers’ having to foot the bill for the offspring, then ...

Wait for it ...

Why in the world don’t they go after the fathers?

They should be busy drafting bills that would force fathers to live up to their financial responsibilities. Let fathers pay the hospital and doctor bills. Let them pay full child support until the child is 18. Let them foot the bill for college or trade school. But – and this is vital – keep them away from the child and the woman they defiled.

If they fail to comply, off to jail they go. Rape is, after all, a crime.

Oh, wait, what am I thinking? Men get a free pass. Why all the fuss about a little rape and incest? Boys will be boys.

There for a minute, I forgot.

Pardon me while I smack my 100 percent pro-choice, pro-women’s rights forehead and rejoin my fellow senior citizens. You know, the 47 percenters.

Nancy Coleman


In the end, it’s God’s laws that matter

If you don’t like religious letters, go no further. God is my first priority, my country is next.

I can’t understand how a person can be against abortion, but says a woman should have freedom of choice. If that is the case, her choice should be to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

I guess these people don’t believe in pornography, either, but it’s OK if someone chooses to film young children in forced sex acts. Maybe your spouse chooses to have an affair, but that’s OK because that’s their choice.

We all have free will to do right or wrong. When do we start following God’s laws? Aren’t you worried about answering for your actions?

My adult children know exactly where I stand when it comes to their actions, as they have since they were little. I will always love them, but I will not condone bad choices.

I will continue to let them know when they are wrong according to God’s laws, because trying to please him is my first priority.

Yes, I am a human being and a sinner, but I will not have the sin of omission on my soul when I see something wrong and say nothing.

Patricia Kelly

St. Benedict

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