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November 2, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-2 | Set age limit on trick-or-treaters

Submitted by Readers

— It is trick or treat, time for children to have fun and collect more candy than their bellies can handle. I have two observations that I think need to be addressed by the people who control the events:

* An age limit should be placed on the trick-or-treaters – no one over the age of 13 should be permitted to dress up and ask for candy.

* People from out of town should not be permitted to take their children from town to town.

During Nanty Glo’s trick-or-treat night, I saw many “big kids” older than 16 in costume begging for candy, and I know of at least one family that came from downtown Johnstown.

I don’t want to put a damper on the holiday, but with the cost of candy it is a shame that some kids don’t get any because older kids and out-of-town kids are out.

I enjoyed seeing some of the very good costumes.

Sara Deffenbaugh

Nanty Glo

Ask supervisors to enact setback

It is never on anyone’s wish list to live next to a strip mine. People can mine coal on their property if it is zoned for such activity. However, consideration should be shown to their not-so-fortunate neighbors in a residential community.

The Surface Mining Conservation and Reclamation Act set a 300-foot (100-yard) barrier setback to protect neighboring residents from all the noise and grime of strip-mining operations.

Now, consider how well you can hear a referee’s whistle from the other end of a football field (100 yards) and multiply those sound decibels several times for the noise from mine blasting and truck back-up alarms that residents have to live with every day for years.

Some local townships recognized this hardship to residents living close to strip mines and enacted ordinances to increase the setbacks to 1,000 feet (300-plus yards).

Local courts and the state Superior Court upheld these ordinances despite challenges by coal companies.

We have written to the Conemaugh Township supervisors to enact such an ordinance to protect the health and well-being of its residents living close to strip mines. Please write to the supervisors or email them at

Lisa and Raj Devineni



Ignorance is not bliss

Anyone who can read but doesn’t cheats himself or herself of being a brighter and more articulate citizen.

Don Stutzman


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