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March 12, 2013

Readers' Forum 3-12 | Victims, not administrator, need help

— As a Bishop McCort Catholic High School graduate, I have been following the stories concerning the alleged abuse of students at a school in another state. This is a horrible thing, and my heart goes out to the victims of this abuse.

I am puzzled by the reaction regarding the removal of Ken Salem, Bishop McCort principal. In fact, it seems like more people care about this than the wronged students.

It was Salem’s job to protect the students, and he failed. His job was to know what was going on in his school. Again, he failed. I think his removal is absolutely the appropriate action. Ignorance is no excuse.

I think more effort needs to be directed toward helping the victims, rather than the now-administrator who failed them.

Judith Viveralli

Durham, N.C., formerly of Johnstown

Teetering on brink of eternal damnation

There was a skit on “Saturday Night Live” several weeks ago that was really blasphemous. The title was “DJesus Uncrossed.” What in world is going on here? They were portraying Jesus as an unforgiving, murderous, merciless madman seeking revenge on the world that put him on the cross.

Needless to say, I was really offended. Jesus is totally the opposite.

Jesus would say, “Father, please forgive them; they know not what they do.” I don’t believe the writers of the script know how close to the edge of hell they are. You have to remember that God alone has the power to send sinners to hell. That’s why God sent his son, Jesus, to die for the whole world, so we don’t have to go there.

I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go there. It’s a terrible place, and it’s for eternity.

Another thing that has always bothered me is why comedy writers don’t make fun of Mohammed, Buddha or the Hare Krishna.

And when people swear, why don’t they say, “ah, Buddha!” or “ah, Mohammed!” when they are mad, instead of blaspheming the name of Jesus?

Randy Knupp


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