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September 21, 2013

Readers' Forum 9-21 | Adults not setting example in civics

JOHNSTOWN — I would like to commend the Greater Johnstown School District, Pitt-Johnstown, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, Richland ambulance service and Sheetz for having their flags at half-staff due to the Naval Yard shooting Monday in Washington, D.C.

President Obama ordered that all flags fly at half-staff through Friday. This was not observed by important organizations including, but not limited to: Several police departments around the area, Richland School District, and Johnstown Fire Department in the West End.

This is why the students of today have no respect. None of the adults are setting an example of civic duty. There is no pride or respect in this area for our country.

Richland School District extremely upset me because it is responsible for teaching students about civic duty and respect but is not showing any itself.

There are certain times when the flag is to be flown at half-staff, one of which is when it is ordered by the commander in chief.

I do not care how anyone views Obama’s politics, he gave an order to honor the memory of the 12 people who were shot and killed. There is no excuse for not flying flags at half-staff. We, as citizens, need to have pride for our country and respect for those military personnel and government workers.

I am a student at Pitt-Johnstown, studying to become a social studies teacher. Part of every teacher’s job is to create effective citizens. How are schools living up to that if they are not following civic duties?

Kyra Miller


Political parties don’t monopolize values

I am responding to the Readers’ Forum letter published Sept. 17 by Karl Komara, “Democratic party is party of death,” eviscerating Catholics who vote Democrat and blaming such voting for the writer’s perceived ills of our society.

I am a Catholic and a Democrat and plan to remain both. No political party or ideology has a monopoly on values and responsible behavior.

I believe neither diminished my personal freedoms or my fear of a tyrannical rule or severe persecution.

Democrats – Catholic or otherwise – stand tall and do not be intimidated by fear-mongering rhetoric from the real pulpit or from the bully pulpit.

Mary Ann Peretin DeRosa

St. Michael


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