The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

September 26, 2013

Rink ado | Solution found for Roxbury Park venue

The Tribune-Democrat

JOHNSTOWN — It’s a win-win situation in Roxbury Park. Roller-hockey fanatics get to keep their rink, and Roxbury Bandshell will get much-needed additional seating.

The compromise has been a few years in the making and featured several failed proposals to relocate the rink. One plan would have seen the sports venue relocated to a vacant area near Sandyvale Cemetery in the Hornerstown section of the city. Another option would have the rink built on a hillside in the park.

Recently, the Roxbury Bandshell Preservation Alliance announced plans to tear down the dilapi-dated roller rink and rebuild it on a site about 30 feet from its current location.

As a perk to its users, the rink will be increased from its current 80-foot length to a regulation-sized, 100-foot long rink.

A perk to the alliance is the addition of more seating, a long-sought-after goal.

“The area gets a better rink – a regulation-size rink – and the bandshell gets much-needed seating that it used to have,” said Daimon Lawrence, marketing director for CJL Engineering, the site’s planning firm.

The issue came to a head because, on occasion, the hard plastic pucks would fly over the rink’s boards and into the audience when summer concerts were being held at the bandshell.

“For people to come to these concerts, it makes it very difficult because they have to sit all around the rink,” Lawrence said.

Mary Borkow, alliance president, said the relocation project should cost in the neighborhood of $200,000. Lee Initiative has already donated $10,000 in seed money, Borkow said.

The project, estimated to take about three to four weeks to complete, will use laborers from the county courts’ costs and fines project, which allows criminal defendants to pay off their fines and fees by working for the alliance in Roxbury Park.

We’re pleased that a solution has been found that is favorable to both the alliance and the users of the roller-hockey rink.

With a spirit of cooperation, problems can be solved and hard feelings can be avoided.