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October 8, 2013

Readers' Forum 10-8 | Put adults back in charge of government

JOHNSTOWN — With parenthood comes responsibilities for the actions of your children. Although I’m a bachelor, I claim some credit for the state and federal politicians I helped get elected.

My “children” have been acting very immature and unreasonable lately, and I’m beginning to think about cutting off their allowances. But they passed laws that I can’t do that. What a novel idea. Close the government, don’t go to work, lay off your employees and still get paid.

Our military members will get IOUs as payment while the politicians will get per-diem expenses paid for by the taxpayers.

Politicians will tell people they need to eliminate programs such as food stamps and LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) and the local churches will pick up the slack. Do politicians realize that we are the local charitable organizations?

These people are constantly arguing over health care for others while assuring they and their families have access to the best care.

I’ll continue to live up to my responsibilities and change my politician’s diapers and give the little one a pacifier.

I’m looking forward to the day I can put my little politician up for re-election and vote him or her out of my house.

God did not abandon America, the politicians did.

I will not be voting for any incumbent officeholder for the next few years, hoping for a complete turnover of members of the House and Senate.

Next election, think about putting adults back in charge of the government.

John Fabo

South Fork

School bus driver defends occupation

This is in response to the Readers’ Forum letter by Scott G. Hoover on Sept. 15, “Are bus drivers exempt from laws?” concerning school bus drivers.

As a school bus driver, I found his letter offensive. Unless you are able to understand the job we do, don’t judge us. School bus drivers have a very important job and are in constant communication with each other, so I’m sure what he thought he observed was not what actually happened.

Also, if it was the first day of school, there were many schedule and stop changes that everyone was adapting to.

School bus drivers deal with many auto drivers on a daily basis who don’t understand the rules of the road. People are in such a hurry that they run the flashing red lights and endanger the children embarking or disembarking the bus. We are the ones responsible for these children, and no school bus driver would intentionally endanger a child.

Hoover also referred to himself as a “bus stop hero.” A hero is someone who puts his or her life on the line for a purpose. To me, a school bus driver is more of a hero than someone who judges others. He shouldn’t pass judgment until he has driven a mile in our shoes.

He also commented on the Constitution and people being exempt from the law. I believe laws are written for everyone, but there will always be the select few who think they are above the law.

Robyn Snavely


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