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October 11, 2013

Readers' Forum 10-11 | Thanks to all who aided tower residents

JOHNSTOWN — Many thanks and appreciation to all the people who assisted us at the Richland Towers when we had to be evacuated from our building Oct. 4 due to a fire.

To all the fire departments, ambulances, emergency medical technicians, police, CamTran (for the buses and the drivers), Graystone Court (for taking us in) and so many others. Your help and kindness will never be forgotten.

Also, thank you to Mary Roth, our manager at Richland Towers, and her staff.

Love and God’s blessings.

Patricia Hirsch

Richland Towers

Republican Party must stand firm

The House has passed legislation that funds all of government but provides no funds for Obamacare. The Senate and president refuse to accept it – no discussion, no compromise. Republicans control the House, Democrats the Senate.

Most Americans want no government shutdown and don’t want Obamacare, either. President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not budge on Obamacare to keep government funded.

So who is to blame? Any thinking person concludes that it’s Barack Obama and Reid’s Senate. Barack Obama fluently lies and claims a willingness to work with Republicans, yet he sees no need to give up anything. He bends over backwards to support Muslim (Brotherhood) terrorists, many of whom are working in strategic security positions within his administration, while being cool toward support of Israel.

Witness Benghazi, fast and furious, unconstitutional National Security Agency spying, Environmental Protection Agency corruption, weapons to Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, IRS political-enemy targeting, rulings by executive orders and more.

One asks: At what point do loyal Americans draw their “red line”?

Barack Obama operates by this rule of thumb: If it benefits America, he’s against it. A slavish media and an ignorant, prostituted voting base bought with food stamps and Barack Obama phones makes this possible.

Republicans must hold the line and not blink on stopping Obamacare or not only will America be finished, but the Republican Party will be finished with true conservatives.

My conclusion: Barack Obama and his progressive ilk will ultimately answer to the God they deny.

Barry W. Billings


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