The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

October 27, 2013

Readers' Forum 10-27 | For politicians, what's good for the goose ...

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — Our corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C., have decided they want nothing to do with the Obamacare law they are shoving down our throats. If they feel it is such a great law, then they should set an example for all of us and get signed up immediately.

But instead, they have opted out because they like their doctors and healthcare coverage.

Our employers are saying they can’t afford to pay the freight for Obamacare, so we get part-time employment or no employment at all, higher premiums and skyrocketing deductibles.

We don’t get to keep our doctors as we were promised, either.

I say that we, the people, are the official employers of these politicians. We must stand together, as such, and insist that they abide by the same laws that they implement for us.

They want to spread the wealth of our nation so that all is fair. They just don’t want it to be “their” wealth they are sharing and spreading around.

This madness will only work as long as there is “other people’s money” available for them to fund it. That means yours and mine.

It is time to stand and be heard.

Dayle Eckenrode


Fright attraction an enjoyable outing

To those seeking a fun-filled night of scares and excitement at a Halloween attraction, I highly recommend the venue in Rockwood. It is a most enjoyable experience.

The people who own and operate the establishment welcomed my friends and me with warm courtesy and hospitality.

The actors and scarers were very enthusiastic and passionate with their scaring, and we enjoyed it.

The hayride and corn maze also were very enjoyable.

It is well-run and the attention and passion which the people put into it were clearly on display.

Thank you for an enjoyable evening.

James Durst


A promise to ‘pay it forward’

How often have we heard the phrase “pay it forward”? And yet, how often do we do it?

Recently, I was in the drive-through lane of a fast-food establishment in Westmont when a kind man in the car behind me did just that.

I placed my order and moved ahead to pay. I handed the clerk my money. She came back a moment later and said that the gentleman behind me wanted to pay for my meal.

I was shocked, to say the least. She repeated herself and asked if it was OK. I smiled and said sure. Please tell him thank you.

To say that that kind gesture made my night is a huge understatement. It didn’t matter the amount of the meal, it could have been just a coffee, but it was the kindness of a total stranger that warmed my heart.

There are so many bad things that we constantly hear about, that I just wanted to share something good and kind. So to that kind gentleman, whoever you are, please know that your random act of kindness will not go unnoticed. My plan for the future is to pay it forward.

Thank you for showing me that there is still true, unsolicited kindness left in this world.

May God bless you.

Stacey Mitchell