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October 28, 2013

Readers' Forum 10-28 | Obama, Reid orchestrated shutdown

JOHNSTOWN — I used to get angry when I would read letters from who I thought were stupid people. Now I realize not all are stupid, but badly misinformed. Too many folks blame the Republicans and-or the tea party for the government shutdown when, in truth, it was President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The tea party is the only thing between us and a complete communist takeover of the country. Unfortunately, I believe it is too late. There are far too many people on welfare, food stamps, disability, public housing and 99 weeks of free money for doing nothing to vote in a conservative government. The country is burning, but it doesn’t matter as long as the free stuff comes in.

Joseph Stalin, the leader of Russia who butchered 20 million of his own people, once said that the best way to control the masses is to take over their health care. Well, that’s a done deal in the U.S., and very soon people are going to realize just how much free health care is going to cost.

Capitalism and free enterprise brought this country from worst to first in a short 200 years. Obama is here to destroy capitalism and bring in a socialist/communist system, and believe me folks, we aren’t  going to like it.

Look up the history of Obama – who his mentors were, who he has associated with, who paid for his education, who his parents were – and you will see who he is and what he is doing to the country.

Chuck Cordoro


It’s time to form new political party

We should form a new political party named We the People. We would split the Republican and Democratic parties to the extent that We the People would be 45 percent. Of the other two, one would be 27 percent and the other, 28 percent.

The elected persons to serve in a government office would be limited to serve eight year in office.

In this chaotic time, as I am writing this, we are experiencing a 24-hour decision; will we be defaulting or not?

Let’s stay positive and aim strongly to move ahead. We the People make up the United States of America. We love our country, in God we trust, may we not destroy this.

M.L. Gnegy


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