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November 1, 2013

Readers' Forum 11-1 | Emphasize Christmas, not Halloween

JOHNSTOWN — The Johnstown Halloween parade has filled the streets of downtown Johnstown with ghosts and goblins for more than 40 years. Every year, it seems like more and more people support the parade in some way. The floats, marching bands and other sights entertain the large crowd for hours on end.

Then there is the annual Christmas parade every November that lasts only about 15 minutes and gets a very small crowd.

It is a really big shame that our community makes a big deal about Halloween more than it does about Christmas. Basically, the people of Johnstown are saying that they would rather worship the devil than Jesus Christ. We should really get more involved with the Christmas parade.

Eric Norton Jr.


Columnist’s points have been debunked

Regarding Jim Scofield’s column on Oct. 29 (“Criticisms of new Affordable Care Act”), it’s troubling when someone uses talking points and research that are old and have been mostly debunked. His entire commentary uses a socialist-style central government as the basis for his theory of utopia.

He mentions that coverage should benefit 32 million out of the estimated uninsured 45 million. Does the word “should” mean maybe? What about the other 13 million? What about the estimated

16 million who will lose their coverage by year’s end because of the Affordable Care Act, as recently reported by NBC News?

He also mentions that exchanges are producing cheaper rates than existing insurance. Really? So far, only five states are showing reductions in premiums and they are Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Rhode Island. And that’s in three categories – adult age 27, adult age 50, and family of four. The remaining 45 states show increases from 3.6 percent in Maine to 256.5 percent in Virginia. That’s not a good showing of cheaper rates.

Scofield mentions how popular health care is in Massachusetts and in wealthy nations. Numerous articles state there is nearly a 60-day waiting period just to see a primary care doctor in Massachusetts, and it’s no secret that European and Scandinavian countries boast tax rates of 60 to 72 percent to get all that popular stuff.

It’s doubtful that Scofield would be willing to participate in the Affordable Care Act debacle at his own expense because nowhere in history has a socialist ever participated in the good-intentioned garbage designed for the people.

Debra Gindlesperger


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