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November 14, 2013

Readers' Forum 11/14 | Keep God in country or lose everything

JOHNSTOWN — The Air Force Academy has decided to change the oath that the cadets give to God, country, academy and Air Force, because it may be offensive to some people to say “so help me God.” It will now be optional. God is not an option. He is in all places and fills all things. He is the creator that endows us with unalienable rights.

He is in the motto of our country made official in 1956, “In God we trust.” He is in the final stanza of our national anthem, “And this be our motto ‘in God is our trust.’ ” If you do not believe, you are a miniscule minority where more than 75 percent believe in the one living God.

There are more than 200 million Christians in this country. When are we going to realize that the persecution must stop and we must exert our love of God and replace the leaders of our government with those who realize that we are one country under God.

The minorities have rights but not at the expense that the majority have none. God is everywhere and we can not erect anything that will hide us from him. If we keep offending him we will drive his protection from us and we will no longer be the greatest nation to ever exist on God’s earth.

We, the majority, must swear that we will do all in our power to bring us back to God and say, “So help me God.”

Rev. Tony Joseph

Richland Township

Choose a Christian in today’s world

What is the distinguishing mark of a Christian? Abundant successes, happy holidays, warm, loving family ties, exhilarating retreats to the Holy Land, admiration and prominence within the community for acts of service?

How about a genuine desire to endure suffering to better appreciate what Christ went through for you? This world is full of heartache and turmoil. The majority of us want to avoid experiencing any more of it.

But think about the persecution, desertion and rejection Christ endured from us, the betrayal, misunderstanding and pain of the cross. Are you willing to experience that on a daily basis to appreciate what your salvation cost him?

To understand what being a Christian is really about comes through suffering, not just the experience of blessings being poured into your life.

Is it not better to have the cross sanctified in your life that way, than to have it removed?

God often answers our prayers so we may better appreciate who he is and what he went through on our behalf, because life isn’t all about us.

That is why trials shouldn’t be approached with avoidance, but as an opportunity to see him as he is. If you’re struggling to give thanks to God because you’re stuck in a “me” generation mentality this holiday season, don’t be ashamed to admit it, go to God and ask for his help.

John 16:24: Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.

Kirstin DiNinno

Central City

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