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May 7, 2013

Readers' Forum 5-7 | Punishment or gift of life?

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— When it comes to abortion there are different opinions. You can be pro-life, believing that it is the mother’s body and her right.

Some are OK with abortion as long as the abortion isn’t done with tax dollars.

Then there are the abortion advocates who use abortion as population control.

Communists see abortion as a way of alleviating the burden each new life poses to their government’s cradle-to-grave society.

President Obama is an abortion advocate. When asked about his daughters, Obama said, “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

Obama views children as a punishment, not a gift of new life.

As an Illinois senator, Obama lobbied to have babies who survived late-term or partial-birth abortions left to die or be killed. Killed might sound like a harsh word, but when life is taken after birth, it is killing.

President Obama doesn’t often mention God because he doesn’t want to offend the nonbelievers. Recently, while addressing Planned Parenthood, which is an abortion clinic, Obama said “thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you.”

The same members of Congress who recently voted that a 15-year-old girl can buy the “morning after pill” without parental knowledge want to keep law-abiding adults from buying guns to protect their lives.

Obama claims to be a Christian. A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ who strives to live as Jesus did. Do you think Jesus is pro-life or pro-abortion?

Kevin Sheehan


U.S. doesn’t need help destroying itself

The U.S. government was so concerned about the prisoners’ hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay that it sent 40 Navy medical personnel to deal with the problem. Yet our government stands idly by while millions of babies are aborted each year. 

Extremists will not destroy the U.S. We as Americans are doing it on our own.

Robert Vetock


Why can’t checks go to certain veterans?

I sent three $50 checks to three handicapped veterans. I have their pictures and names that I put on the checks and sent to the Disabled American Veterans.

I was shocked when the checks were sent back and I was told to just put “disabled veterans” on the checks. I want to know who is getting the checks.

By the way, how many of you are sick and tired of the same TV commercials we are forced to watch and pay for?

I’m also disgusted with the way lawyers can keep trials going on for years and charge taxpayers millions of dollars, and their clients, like Jerry Sandusky, are guilty as sin from day one.

Dorothy Ford

Mineral Point

Walk a mile in middle-class shoes

An article in the April 30 edition of The Tribune-Democrat caught my attention.

On May 21, a seminar at Greater Johnstown High School called “Walk in My Shoes” will be held where local politicians and business managers can experience what it’s like to live on welfare.

Why not walk in the shoes of the middle-class taxpayer? The ones who carry those on welfare while getting kicked in the wallets by politicians and the wealthy.

Follow us as we get up every morning for work, while also balancing family matters, our homes and, in a lot of cases, caring for additional family members.

Go shopping with us, with a strict budgeted shopping list in one hand and coupons in the other (being careful not to go over budget).

And when we get sick, we tough it out because we can’t afford to run to the doctor’s or emergency room for every paper cut and sniffle.

I know there are many out there who need and deserve public assistance. But there is a huge difference between those who deserve it and those who receive and abuse it.

Walk a mile in my shoes, but beware that they are tight and uncomfortable. I walk in them every day.

Oh, one more thing, they are not a designer brand.

Brenda Molnar


Johnstown council gets failing grade

It’s almost time to vote for mayor and city council. I’m glad we will be getting a new mayor.

Now let’s look at what this council has done over the past four years. Not long ago, our city manger talked about raising taxes in 2014 – and we had just started 2013. What did city council do? It gave City Manager Kristen Denne a 3 percent raise a month later. She gets a $200-a-month raise and all I got from Social Security, like a lot of people, was a $23-a-month raise. She can’t live on $80,000 a year?

During their watch, they have laid off  police officers and firefighters. These are the two most important groups of people needed in this city.

Let’s not forget the landlords council members went after. They showed no regard for landlords’ concerns when they adopted the landlord ordinance.

About a year or two ago, the leaders took $600,000 and paved the downtown streets, instead of some of the worse streets elsewhere in the city.

I give this council a D- for its work.

We’re still in Act 47 distresed status with no end in sight. It’s time to vote in a new city council and hope it will get us out this mess.

Homer Mattes


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