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August 15, 2013

Readers' Forum 8-15 | Council, manager roadblocks to progress

— In response to the article “A window into the chief’s world” (Sunday), I agree totally with the concerns of Johnstown police Chief Craig Foust. The very sad thing about the situation stems from city council, but specifically from City Manager Kristen Denne.

Some time ago, I met with council members Frank Janakovic (also deputy mayor), Rose Howarth and Marie Mock. They spelled out to me their hopes and dreams about moving Johnstown forward. I see some of what they discussed with me coming to fruition. I wish to thank them for that meeting and allowing me to see what city council (or at least they) are doing, or trying to do, for Johnstown.

Now if only the city manager and the rest of city council would get off their butts and address the concerns of Foust, that would be a great step forward for the citizens of Johnstown and for the city of Johnstown itself.

We absolutely need more police officers.

Paul V. Dolan


U.S. reprises role of great pretender

I consider the current administration to be hypocritical in its response to Russia’s human rights violations and in Russia’s granting asylum to Edward Snowden.

To even consider a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics is absurd and would be self-destructive, as it was in 1980.

How ironic that our 1980 boycott was based on Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan, while our country invaded that country just over 20 years later. We need to acknowledge our own country’s human- life violations. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan have been maimed or killed by our actions in these immoral and unjustified wars.

By any measure, the United States had not met the requirements of just war, spelled out in the United Nations charter, or by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

We know, of course, that our use of the death penalty is in violation of many human rights treaties signed by our friends in other civilized countries. Now, this administration defies international opinion, and even the views of many of its citizens, by wishing to persecute Snowden for his having been a whistleblower, revealing a gross violation of everyday citizens’ personal privacy and civil rights.

It is no wonder that the international community continues to hold America in low regard. We have behaved shabbily both before and after 9/11.

Richard J. Holsinger


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