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March 25, 2013

Readers' Forum 3-25 | Turnpike CEO: Changing business as usual

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — As CEO of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, I can assure your readers that our agency is addressing the recent actions taken by the Office of Attorney General that could, as you pointed out, tar the reputation of our agency (“Turnpike tarred by allegations,” March 17).

It should be said that the conduct alleged does not reflect the dedication of the hard-working men and women at the turnpike who keep our road open and safe for customers.

In the past two years, the turnpike has instituted a more rigorous, transparent process for awarding professional-services contracts to ensure that only the most-qualified firms are considered and awarded. In addition, we created an office of compliance and provided sufficient resources to ensure that employee actions remain above reproach at every level. We formed a diversity and inclusion department to attract a more diverse pool of potential business partners to bid on our projects.

Finally, I have directed our compliance office to conduct a review of all professional-services contracts awarded during the time frame in question. Also, we are assembling an advisory group to review and critique current turnpike policies and procedures relating to contracting. This panel also will be charged with identifying best practices from agencies around the nation.

We have launched an aggressive effort to change the way we do business. That effort will continue. Our customers, our employees and our business partners deserve no less.

Mark P. Compton

CEO, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Cowardly killer targeting cats

This letter goes out to the person or persons who are poisoning cats in the West End section of Johnstown: You are breaking the law.

If I or my neighbors find you – and we are watching – we will contact the state police and let them deal with you.

A cat is a feeling, caring, thinking animal capable of making decisions. If owners or nonowners would spay or neuter their pets, this sort of inhumane treatment would not be necessary.

Would you rather see a cat or a lot of rats running across your porch? Wait until the sewers are worked on, you definitely will see rats. I hope they visit your house.

We have to deal with the horror of your terrible actions. You are a killer and a coward.

Anita Pesarchic


They aren’t listening or just don’t care

Atlantic Broadband apparently has its own agenda when it comes to what its viewers are to watch. They also apparently don’t care to respond to what the viewers want – get rid of the garbage channels and Atlantic Broadband could probably afford whatever KDKA is charging.

There has been a major outcry about the elimination of KDKA, but Atlantic Broadband isn’t listening or just doesn’t care.

Was Atlantic Broadband trying to hide something or did it want this to happen and then blame it on the cost of obtaining KDKA? David Dane of Atlantic Broadband stated that they gave a news release to the media, but apparently the cable media person did a terrible job by not following up to ensure this got the coverage it deserved.

One of the main reasons I’ve remained an Atlantic Broadband customer is because of KDKA and WTAE. The rest of the channels are ones anyone can get from a satellite provider for half the cost.

Maybe the cable company needs only to look at the post office – as technology improves, the less there is a need for its services.

Wake-up, Atlantic Broadband. Without customers, you close your doors. When that happens, don’t complain that the people no longer supported you.

Also, since Atlantic Broadband is no longer paying for KDKA, the “nearly doubled” cost, as reported by Dane, should now show up as lower cable charges in our monthly bills. Or is Atlantic Broadband going to pocket this savings?

Gary S. Oleksa


People speaking from both sides of mouth

On CNN’s Piers Morgan show of March 19, his guest was Michael Moore.

The two talked about Pope Francis and how they think he should run the church.

They claim (both being Roman Catholic) that the church should accept the use of contraceptives and abortion.

They then switched the conversation to gun control and how they really are concerned about life and saving lives. If they are so worried about saving lives, why didn’t either one speak out about abortion?

Thomas Jefferson said there would be many hardships, but those who trade off liberty for security deserve neither.

If they don’t like it, they can go back where they came from. And good riddance.

Richard Fetsko


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