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March 15, 2014

Readers' Forum 3-15 | Paying the price for deregulation

JOHNSTOWN — Deregulation has never been in the best interest of the American people, and we are paying for that now with these outrageous electric bills.

This was sought out by the special interest groups that control our political system. The blame is squarely on the government’s shoulders.

Many of us have been sold a misleading bill of goods by a fast-talking salesperson.

We need to, as Americans, make our local, state and federal government accountable to the working people with no regard to party, race or ethnic background.

Let’s take back our country from these special interest groups that drive our political agenda.

I drove by the Dunlo wind farm and only one turbine was working. Our government invested $50 million of our money in this project alone. That doesn’t seem like free enterprise to me.

Wind energy is the most expensive power – we have paid to provide it and then we pay again to use it in our homes. Many Americans feel like pawns being manipulated on a wholesale basis by our elected officials. And whose interests do they have at heart?

Let’s get their attention. Call state and federal politicians and demand change. Vote them all out if necessary and keep doing that again until we have taken control back, like our Constitution promises.

Partisanship is out. Do what is right for the citizens on this issue and other important ones facing our nation.

 Leroy Lehman Sr.

 Geistown Borough

Profess love to others while you still can

On March 1, features writer Tom Lavis and the editors of The Tribune-Democrat were kind enough to share my story on the front page (“Recovery called a ‘miracle’; 24-year-old suffered heart attack, stroke”).

I just wanted to let them know how much I appreciated their kindness.

I also appreciate the kind words and all of the support that I have received since the article was published.

If I had one message for people to take from the article, it is best summed up by a quote. This quote, usually attributed to the Transformer Optimus Prime, was written by Orlando Battista: “The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they're alive.”

My late grandmother used to make sure that I always told my parents that I loved them before I left. She used to say, “You never know if this is the last time you will see them.” It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me because she was very wise.

Anyone can have his or her life changed in a single second. That lesson has especially hit home with me, and it is my hope that it hits home with you as well.

Tim Michrina


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