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March 18, 2014

Readers' Forum 3-18 | Writers are wrong to pass judgment

JOHNSTOWN — I’ve noticed a large quantity of Readers’ Forum letters concerning the sinfulness of same-sex marriage according to Christianity. I would like to point out that the writers are passing judgment on their neighbors’ lifestyle when they proclaim that same-sex relations are sinful.

Who are they to pass judgment? I was under the impression that only God may judge. So, by them judging their fellow man, they are implying that they have the same authority as God.

I think that comparing themselves to God is a far greater sin than having a particular relationship.

Perhaps before attacking others for their sins, they should check passages such as Matthew 7:1-5 and James 4:11-12 and focus more on their own sins than the sins of others.

And maybe they should let God be the judge of sinners. I don’t think he needs any help.

Hope Mazeika


Candidate sees problem with council

Here we go again. City Council can’t agree on a candidate. I’ve thought long and hard about this submission, but here’s my take.

I have a degree in business administration, am retired from the city of Inglewood, Calif., moved back to Johnstown after almost 40 years, bought a home locally, volunteered with LIFT Johnstown on various projects and I also was successful in writing a grant for Sandyvale Cemetery.

Council said it wanted someone with experience, a person with new perspective, a person with a backbone, someone different.

I applied. Attached was a copy of my degree, a criminal background check, letters from the city I had retired from and a vision. I saw a lot of head “bobbing,” but guess what? I’m a registered Independent.

I see so much wrong.

I am saddened by the lack of support by council, but I cheered for the people on the corner who were waving banners in protest of the sewer issue. I do not want to be part of a council that rejects me from the get-go, but please, people of the city, pursue your causes.

Pam Renowden


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