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September 8, 2013

Readers' Forum 9/8 | Treatment plant, sewers are in violation

The Tribune-Democrat

JOHNSTOWN — This letter addresses Leonard Facciani’s statements on Johnstown area sewage work published Aug. 25, “Lots of misinformation about sewage work” in the Readers’ Forum.

Facciani attempts to discredit my comments in a July 5 issue of The Tribune-Democrat about smoke testing in Southmont Borough with an untruth regarding my professional credentials. I am, in fact, a registered professional engineer, and have been since 1978.

The Dornick Point Sewage Treatment Plant and regional sewers are in violation of the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law. Thus, the plant and connecting municipal sewer systems have been under a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) enforced sewer tap ban since 1989. Each municipality must file requests to DEP for new customer sewer tap allowances and submit semi-annual progress reports to DEP of efforts to remove stormwater from sanitary sewers.

In 2010, DEP further ordered the Johns-town Redevelopment Authority (JRA), Dornick Point’s owner, to eliminate illegal sanitary sewage discharges into streams and rivers. There is no easy way to address this mandate, as Randy Griffith’s articles in the Sept. 1 edition of The Tribune-Democrat explain. The JRA, municipal sewer system owners and their engineers have been working to resolve this area-wide problem, with municipalities opting for individual service connection pressure testing.

Yes, the JRA is responsible for paying fines and penalties for untreated, discharged sewage. However, revenue from sewage customers is the main source of JRA funds. In essence, all JRA customers pay these fines.

Cooperation of all communities and the JRA is the only way to come into compliance.

F. Scott Rugh


Pet in need of helping hand

Poor dog. Tied for hours on end to a shrub with no shelter. You can count his ribs. He cries and howls and is yelled at to shut up. I called the humane society and they told me to call the police.

I called the police and they said they will call the animal control officer, but it could take a long time for him to come.

This has been going on all summer. I am told that I will get in trouble if I rescue it.

Where do I turn to help this poor thing?

Brenda Mathis

South Fork

Political officials cater to themselves

The biggest welfare recipients in the world are politicians, the Supreme Court and union officials. They all get the best of everything, health care, expenses, etc. While those that they represent only get  what the lobbyists give them, money and support, for re-election.

Rarely is the Constitution considered when they make a law or decision because as the Democrats say, “The Constitution just gets in the way,” so they and some Republicans make all of their unholy laws and decisions to suit their own agendas for re-election and not for their constituents.

It is illegal to coerce, intimidate, impede or threaten local, state or federal officials or businesses for any reason.

Most politicians, the Supreme Court and union officials do this in almost everything they do. They trample states rights which the Constitution guarantees to all people equally. That means you can’t make laws for people like, homosexuals, lesbians, atheists abortionists and exclude the religious.

How can killing an unborn be legal? You can’t defer people from the law and make others subject to it like Obamacare.

Public, judicial and union officials are not held responsible by the law and get away with their decisions, threats and intimidations even though it is illegal. Don’t hate anyone, just hate the bad things they do. Pray for President Obama, all courts and officials to come back to Christianity that this great country was founded on.

Jesus and that is my final answer.

Ken Mesko Sr.


Veterans’ Memorial dedication was beautiful

We would like to thank those who had a hand in the dedication of the Veterans’ Memorial at Seward’s Memorial Park on Sept. 2.

The monument to the veterans of Seward and surrounding areas was beautiful with the ceremony, pastors, gun salute and taps. Guest speakers, singing and music was a real honor to all the veterans of the country for their service.

Thanks to each and every one who had a hand in this affair to honor our servicemen and women.

Bob and Pat Gorman