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September 2, 2013

Readers' Forum 9-2 | Citizens suffer while gov’t is greedy

— While working and retired citizens alike are being told to make sacrifices in their lives, the government of this country is running rampant in greed and deception.

We’re told that government employees work harder than those in the public sector and, therefore, deserve much higher compensation. They convene lavish conventions and are awarded lavish bonus packages, while waste and corruption are widely accepted.

The IRS has admitted that its employees have violated our constitutional rights, and yet no one is fired. Violators are put on administrative leave while retaining full benefits.

Welfare and Social Security disability are out of control at a time veterans cannot get help, all the while program supervisors receive bonuses.

Now they are attempting to rewrite the health care bill to exempt members of the House and Senate and other government employees from a plan that is being shoved down our throats. There is no fix for any of this as long as the existing politicians are in control.

If we continue to vote for these people, nothing will ever change. They have no reason to change a system that completely benefits them, their families and crony friends.

Fred Moyer


Obama has given us promises and little else

Two thousand years ago, Jesus fed 5,000 with five loaves of bread and two fish. That’s nothing compared to our current messiah in the White House, who fed millions the Kool-Aid he pulled from thin air.

He got elected by promising a chicken in every pot. Trouble is, because of his policies, we can’t afford the pot to cook it in.

Come to think of it, we can’t afford a pot in which to do another essential human function.

Anthony Mulcahy


Report the news sans editorial comments

The vast majority in the area served by The Tribune-Democrat and WJAC-TV are Christian conservative patriots who love God, family and country.

There is very little bigotry and racism in this area, so why are the local media afraid to offend the minority, but do not hesitate to offend the majority?

Recently it was reported on the TV news that an 88-year-old World War II veteran had been murdered in Washington by a teenager. They showed the picture of the victim, but not the surveillance footage of the two teenage suspects. I immediately searched the Internet and found a story on Fox News that showed the two suspects and truthfully reported that the suspects were black youngsters. The Tribune-Democrat had nothing on the matter that I could find.

There have been several informative letters in the Readers’ Forum on other killings on which the media have not reported  truthfully that the victims were white.

That was unlike the Martin-Zimmerman incident that was on TV and in the papers daily in which the media tried and convicted Zimmerman and would have executed him. The jury said he was not guilty.

The media even called Zimmerman a white-Hispanic to cause more trouble among the public.

It is not the media’s task to give us their opinions; it is their task to give the public what Sgt. Joe Friday always said: “Just the facts, ma’am, nothing but the facts.”

You have the editorial page to give us your opinion, and I and many others read it every day.

Rev. Tony Joseph

Richland Township


Cashiers’ licking fingers disgusting

One of the most disgusting habits I witness at almost every store is when the cashier licks her or his fingers before opening the plastic bag in which to place the items purchased. I’ve watched many cashiers lick their fingers, open a bag and then grab the items purchased with the same hand and put the items in the bag.

Not only is this unsanitary, it is just plain disgusting. The cashier handles filthy money and store items that aren’t the cleanest, and this can cause the cashier to contract God-only-knows what disease. Then, it can be passed on through the licking of their fingers and touching the purchased items.

This is made worse when the purchased items are food products, such as freshly cut meats, fruits or bread.

What is the matter with these cashiers and, moreso, the store managers/owners? They should know better.

It is only common courtesy for the store managers/owners to provide the cashiers with moisturizing pads and then make it mandatory that the cashiers use these moisturizers to aid them in opening the plastic bags.

If you are a cashier, please keep your spit to yourself.

Gary S. Oleksa


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