The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

September 5, 2013

Readers' Forum 9-5 | Tomahawks building tomorrow's leaders

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — Many people tend to think of today’s youth as the leaders of tomorrow, but leaders aren’t born, they are made. Congratulations the Johnstown Tomahawks coaches and players for their efforts to build leadership skills through hard work.

As a Tomahawk blog states: “It takes something extraordinary to be a hockey player, to travel thousands of miles away from friends and family to pursue dreams.”

This team’s courage and determination was evident in the players’ recent efforts to be involved in the Johnstown community with appearances at many local festivals during the holiday weekend.

As a season ticket holder, I was surprised by two players who personally delivered my season tickets. These young men stood and talked with me for several minutes about themselves, their families, their billet (host) families and their hopes for the season. What an awesome experience to interact personally with the players.

Hockey is back in Johnstown. As the Johnstown Tomahawks prepare for their second season in the NAHL, with their season opener on Sept. 14, I hope the community supports these young men as they work hard to achieve their goals.

Barbara Miltenberger


Alternative to park’s double standards

As a recent retiree who moved back to my home community of Johnstown, I found that walking your dog in Roxbury Park is illegal and carries heavy fines.

We have two wonderful boxers that are always leashed and well-behaved, and we clean up all of our dogs’ droppings, even in our own yard.

The article “A walk in the park,” published Sept. 1, reflects that the founder and chairwoman of the Bandshell Bark is accommodating the Roxbury Bandshell Preservation Alliance, whose management disallows dogs in Roxbury Park.

If the article is correct in its details, then this relates to about $3,000 ($20-$25 fines times 150 dogs) for the bandshell.

Participants should stop supporting the Roxbury Bandshell Bark efforts until fair use of the park for pets is negotiated.

I offer an alternate solution – move the event to the Somerset dog play park (built on donations and available every day of the year), which would benefit the very people (and pets) who only benefit one day a year at Roxbury. Split the proceeds, which would benefit the bandshell, the Somerset dog play park and dog owners and their dogs.

Bob Diamond


Up to individuals to promote peace

Conflicts, wars and violence continue to dominate the news channels and will continue to do so until enough people care and rise up to make commitments that lead to actions.

The United Nations is not keeping the peace, neither is the White House nor our lawmakers. It’s each person for himself/herself. So we buy more guns and bullets, dig more bunkers, develop plans to evacuate cities in the event of attacks, applaud the (doomsday) preppers and press on to expect more violence, prepare for more wars and even Armageddon at the end.

Are we crazy? Where are the peacemakers? What could happen if nations spent as much money, time and resources in promoting peace as they do war?

Since powerful world leaders and international organizations do not bring peace, we need to start at another place, another level. How about concerned people of Johnstown and Cambria County rallying for peaceful purposes to promote peaceful solutions and peaceful co-existence within our own borders?

How about creating circles of peace to gather in people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, religions, etc., to learn to know and care for one another? Someone has to show the world a better way.

Circles of peace can begin in our own homes, neighborhoods, work places and among all the people you mingle with.

After all, if we keep doing the same things, we will get the same results.

Noah Martin