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September 9, 2013

Readers' Forum 9/9 | Parents: Teach children to stay on track

The Tribune-Democrat

JOHNSTOWN — Sometimes it seems unfair that many of the most important tasks we need to accomplish are given to us so early in life, between ages 3 and 10, mostly. It’s usually at that age that we need to learn to read and write, to master arithmetic, to read a clock, to begin social interaction.

The reason such important lessons need to be learned at such an early age is because, at that age our minds are wide open, constantly seeking new experience and knowledge. At that age, our job simply is to learn. And it is at that age that we rely most on trust and on the goodness of other people, particularly adults.

One lesson we wish children would never need to learn is that there are monsters roaming the world, monsters whose wish is to harm and corrupt children so badly that some never again draw an untroubled breath. And as the ongoing events in State College have taught us, sometimes these monsters are disguised as the most respectable people in our communities and roam the insides of our schools.

So, now it’s September, and schools are back in session. That means that our children are back on the job, doing what they do best: Learning. Let’s watch their backs for them, and make sure the lessons they learn are good ones, lessons which reinforce and foster trust, lessons which won’t corrupt, harm or destroy them.

Let’s do our job, and let our children do theirs.

Carl Schultz


Lose attitude; project can run smoothly

I attended the sewage project informational meeting in the West End on Sept. 4 and was very impressed by the slide presentation and the knowledge of those answering questions for the public.

Of course, probably no one there was happy about the changes that need to be made in the sewage system and the costs involved. But as the city manager and engineers pointed out, this is a mandate that is out of our control and ultimately is for the betterment of the community and the environment.

When various agencies and people must work together on a project, things do not always go smoothly, and frustration, anxiety and fear of the unknown can take over. But the information presented and the demeanor and knowledge of the speakers  served to let the public know that if we accept the inevitable and have a less cynical attitude, perhaps things will go a lot better than we might think.

Nancy Hoover


America falls when God is eliminated

I agree with the editorial on Aug. 30 by Thomas Sabo, “Erosion of traditional values deciding fate of America.” Another way to state it could be “Eliminating and/or compromising God from America.”

I’m somewhat skeptical at the true purpose of the Keith Rothfus survey that was dissected in Sabo’s editorial. Rothfus, along with other conservative candidates were put in office all across the nation to stand for sound principles and uphold the Constitution. In other words, they’re to do right, something that liberal politicians don’t seem to understand.

Surveys, polls, people of influence, etc., should have no sway on any politician’s actions if they want to do what’s right. If Rothfus needs a survey to guide him along I’m afraid we put the wrong conservative person in that position.

If I personally could make politicians understand one thing, it would be that they should attempt to please God first with all their decisions. The problem is this is never going to happen with enough politicians. That’s why we’re never going to have success in America through the political realm.

Erosion of traditional values and/or eliminating God from society has already started to and will ultimately decide the fate of America.

“The way of the Lord is strength to the upright, but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.” Proverbs 10:29.

Bernie Bolha

Upper Yoder Township

Confirmed expected to defend faith

In life there are mysteries that defy explanation. One such mystery to many serious Catholics is this: How can a Catholic still remain a Democrat? Surely they know abortion and same-sex marriage are against our church’s teaching. And now Obamacare is trying to ram down  Catholic throats to pay for abortions, abortifacients and sterilizations.

Perhaps Raymond Seymour had the answer when he wrote to the Readers’ Forum on Aug. 14, 2012, (“Christians’ support of Dem Party questioned”), that many a baby is baptized into the Democratic party rather than the Catholic church. Or is the answer in Christ’s words, “Many are called, few are chosen.” Or to paraphrase this, “many are baptized, few are converted.”

In the old Baltimore catechism there was a statement that said that in the sacrament of confirmation we receive the Holy Spirit and become soldiers of Jesus Christ. I don’t remember any guns being issued that day, but I suspect that just as a soldier defends his country, we, the baptized and confirmed are expected to defend our faith. But it seems that in the 50 percent of us who voted for our present pagan administration, the seed planted by the Holy Spirit was never watered nor weeded.

So these Holy seeds did not grow and these soldiers even went on to collaborate with the enemy, the devil, by their voting.

If the church was run like the military, there would be a number of officers who would lose their rank and a great multitude of soldiers would be issued a dishonorable discharge.

Richard A. Ruth