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November 30, 2013

Readeres' Forum | Politics pushing America to the brink

JOHNSTOWN — Is there hope for America?

Recently, the Senate pushed a homosexual rights bill through the chamber that required Republican help. Seven Republicans came to the rescue, one of which was, yes, our own conservative Pat Toomey. Who did Toomey replace? The compromising Arlen Specter. So what’s new?

Although this bill is going nowhere in the House, thanks to some Republicans with backbone, Toomey and other compromising Republicans are the reason that, someday, there will be legalized homosexual marriage across the nation. That is the ultimate goal of the homosexual agenda.

Chief Justice John Roberts is considered a right-leaning conservative. It was taken for granted that he would vote negative on the appeal of Obamacare. But his anti-conservative vote is really responsible for all the agony, disruption and confusion this country is presently encountering with Obamacare. By the way, Obamacare’s main point is about more government intrusion and control over the people. Are we really that stupid in this country?

The Republican Party is supposed to be the moral party. But more and more Republicans want more and more compromise. If you have good, common-sense moral principles, you shouldn’t compromise. When you move toward the left, you lose your integrity. The liberals win and get stronger. The parties and the politicians start resembling each other. That’s exactly what has happened over the years and, instead of looking like a government controlled by God, we look like a giant sin machine.

Is there really hope for America? The above are just three of many reasons that suggest it won’t happen through politics.

Bernie Bolha

Upper Yoder Township

Utility’s concern is its profits

As a member of the Sierra Club, I am well aware of FirstEnergy’s pattern of putting profits over people when it comes to its irresponsible pollution.

Now I read in the paper that FirstEnergy is treating its line workers with similar disregard. More than 140 utility workers have been locked out by FirstEnergy’s Penelec utility after their refusal to accept a contract that cuts pensions and retiree health care and continues unfair scheduling practices.

As a customer, I’m worried what will happen without these utility workers on the job with winter barreling down on us.

I’m appalled by this attempt to cut these benefits that all working families depend on as they get older, all in the name of padding corporate profits.

At the same time, FirstEnergy CEO Tony Alexander reportedly makes more than $23 million per year. As the Christmas season approaches and we are reminded of the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, I wonder whether Alexander will find it in his heart to share his wealth with his fellow man? Or will he have to fear the ghost of Christmas yet to come?

Christine Dahlin


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